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9 life hacks for a stress-free move


Moving house is a part of life for most people. And whether you move regularly or are packing up for the first time in a long time, we’ve got you covered with these hacks. So bookmark this page today and save yourself a world of stress.

1. Take photos of everything Moving house is a really busy time, so you’re bound to forget a few details. Take photos of which cables go where at the back of your TV, where screws go on flat pack furniture or the way your favourite shelves are arranged so you can put them back together just right!

2. Avoid single use packing items Running out of bubble wrap or just want to be kinder to the environment? Wrap breakables like plates and glasses in clothing to cut bubble wrap from your shopping list.

3. For the jewellery lovers Toilet paper rolls, zip lock bags and egg cartons are perfect for getting your jewellery from A to B – without the headache of tangled pieces.

4. Sticky tape is your friend Packing tape is a moving essential, so you should have this one on hand already. You can use it while you’re taking furniture apart to keep all the screws together or to remember which cables go where on your TV or computer.

5. Prevent tangles To avoid a serious cable tangle, pack your cords in empty toilet paper rolls and remember to label them. Or if you haven’t been collecting toilet rolls for the past six months, you can use zip lock bags instead.

6. Vacuum bags Items like pillows, blankets and bulky coats take up lots of space when packing. Save room and money by using garbage bags instead of expensive space saver bags – all you need to get started is a regular garbage bag, a vacuum clear and a rubber band.

7. The moving kit The last thing you want to be doing after a long day of packing is scrambling to remember which box you put your PJ’s in. Put together a bag of all the essentials you’ll need for your first night in the new digs – think toiletries, towels and bedding.

Now that you’ve got these moving hacks under your belt, you can move online with Origin in less than five minutes. Simply book your move with a plan that suits your needs and your done. Good energy is a fast and easy move!

8. Box skills To make unpacking as easy as possible at the other end, colour code boxes by using a different coloured tape for each room. And if you want to take your box game to the next level, try cutting handles into the side of boxes and make them easier to carry.

9. Don’t go hungry You probably don’t want to be worrying about cooking on day one either. Leave the stress and mess behind by placing an order with Uber Eats. Right now, you can get our free delivery promo on 30 orders with Uber Eats over 3 months when you move with Origin Basic online.

This article was originally published by Scotty Thornton,

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