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Are you looking to have a recently purchased product delivered to your home? Did you just buy a used sofa from Craigslist for Christmas, but do not have a resource to have it moved to your house? Do you intend to clean your storage room and have the items disposed of? Worry not! Haultail® is one of the best pickup and delivery service providers in the country. With hundreds of experienced and vetted drivers serving across the nation, Haultail® is the go-to place for any pickup service, delivery and disposal services.

Haultail® works similar to regular on-demand delivery services but with a catch – we have a business model that allows any individual with a vehicle and a valid license to become a driver with us.  In simplest terms, it is a mobile application that you can use to hire a driver from our fleet of drivers – who are always on the road, looking for new customers. And, whether you wish to have a simple document delivered to a friend or family or want to have a television set delivered to your doorstep, you can use Haultail® with ease. For heavier items, our drivers are accompanied by a helper as well.

So, is Haultail® Easy to Use?

We are a fully automated and community-based on-demand pickup and delivery service provider with an easy-to-use UI/UX. To start using, all you gotta do is – download the app from either the Android or Apple app store, signup, and get started with using it. The app provides an end-to-end experience where users can have a fixed rate, make the payment communicate with the driver and even track the pickup and delivery in real-time. And, all this is done in an extremely safe and friendly environment where your payment credentials and personal details are 100% secure. You can use Haultail® to haul anything – large or small.

Learn how you can use Haultail® to get different kinds of products delivered:

  • Have new items delivered from a store
  • Have used items moved or couriered
  • Get junk and debris picked up and removed


What Do We Promise?

Guarantee: At Haultail®, unlike other delivery services, we offer a guarantee of safe and sound delivery of your products irrespective of what they are.

24/7 Service: Got to move something in an emergency? We are here! Want to have things delivered at night? No problem! Haultail®’s drivers are available 24/7 at your service.

Smart Shipping: We offer smart shipping with real-time tracking, contactless payments, and cutting-edge customer support that you can avail of in case of any dissatisfaction.

Secure Payments: All the payments are done through secure payment gateways and the personal information is safe with the latest data encryption practices.

Easy Tracking: Many users expect to have real-time updates on their delivery and shipping service, so the Haultail® app has a live tracking option for them. You can learn where your item is exactly throughout its journey.

With so many features and functionalities available at your service, Haultail® is definitely the only app you need for all your new items delivery or junk/debris removal. Try it now!

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