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Taking care of one of our own is the core of human nature, so helping our mother earth shouldn’t be that much of a stretch.

We all know and continuously hear how the environment is degrading day by day, yet we do nothing to sustain our resources. Though the large-scale companies play a significant role in the destruction, they are not solely to blame.

In our everyday lives, we pay little attention to the billions of thoughtless acts we perform that deteriorate the earth little by little, piece by piece. Therefore, to preserve the resources for the future generations, here are some tips and tricks to help the environment that any lazy activist can follow:

1. Reuse, Recycle, Restore

Plastic water bottles, tin cans, paper, and so on, are the type of things that we throw away after one use. These items decompose infinitely slowly that they seem resistant to decay. However, the accumulation leads to significant damage to the earth’s abiotic and biotic environment.

Therefore, instead of just throwing away the plastic bottles, try reusing them to store water or other beverages in the refrigerator. You could even be creative and recycle the tin cans and make DIY décor.

Paper obviously can’t be reused, so try not wasting an entire page for just one line memos. Then instead of just throwing them away, use them for paper mache. That’ll be a fun way to spend the time and save the planet.

2. Carpool can be fun

Everyone loves the freedom that comes with being able to drive. However, it doesn’t come cheap, and our planet earth is the one that pays the cost.

Fuel burns to create toxic gases that lead to acid rain, smog, depletion of ozone, and many other afflictions that often go unnoticed. Plus, gas is a limited resource that needs to be conserved.

So, create a carpooling club and save your car fuel and the air.

3. Be Charitable

When you have an abundance of lemons, you make lemonade; why not share the wealth with those who don’t have any lemons?

Instead of throwing away your old clothes, shoes or any other possession, give them away to the less fortunate. Not only will you gain brownie points for helping others, but you’ll also save the earth from the pile of clothes that would’ve otherwise ended in some waste dump.

Who knows, maybe your once prized possessions might be the silver lining to someone’s day.

4. Take Shorter Showers

We all love the feel of the warm water cascading down our backs after a hard day at work. However, taking long showers to make it last longer, is not the way to go.

Long showers mean a lot of water goes down the drain, literally and metaphorically. That is a humongous amount of the earth’s natural resource wasted; a reserve that could potentially, be used to save lives in the third world countries.

Thus, be quick in the shower, and play your part in preserving the earth’s natural supply of fresh water.

5. LED is Good for the Earth

Replace your incandescent lightings with LED lights. Not only are they more affordable over a range of budgets but they also help save the planet.

Energy consumed by the incandescent bulbs comes from burning the petroleum found in the earth’s crust. There is a limited supply and only a matter of time before it all runs out, leaving nothing behind for the future generations.

So, switch to LED lighting inside and around your house, and conserve energy as well as your money. You can even use coupons to get discounts on your energy savers, meaning more savings at the end of the month.


More than just limiting the wastefulness of the earth’s resources, we should also try giving back, i.e., planting more trees, to replenish the reserves. Just like you take care of your homes, helping the environment is the responsibility of every living creature that inhabits the land. So, start giving back, and you’ll reap the benefits of going green.

Original story from goodmenproject

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