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Marine advocate group: ‘clean, dry and sort’ method keeps plastic away from the ocean


The Philippines produce 2.7 metric tons of plastic waste every year. The United Nations reports that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050.

Ineffective waste management systems and consumers’ irresponsibleness are mainly referred to as culprits of ocean plastic pollution.

Aiming to resolve this problem, marine advocate group, Clean Our Oceans Project (CoOP)urges the public to “clean, dry, and sort” the plastic waste and converts it into “raw materials”.

According to CoOP founder, Anna Varona, cleaned, dried and sorted plastic trash according to the plastic resin code or number can be upcycled into brand-new durable products such as crates, chairs, trash can, trays and more.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jonathan Co, founder of Sentinels Upcycling Technologies, said that most of the plastics can be upcycled. However, due to poor waste management and improper waste segregation, some plastics are not suitable for recycling.

Varona hopes that this simple clean, dry and sort method “will not only change the consuming behavior of the community but also will make the ocean free again from plastics.

To know more about the “clean, dry and sort” method, watch The Dive’s episode “The Oceans and The Plastics” and see how this method has changed lives. — Maribelle Boral-Cabling


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