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Rethink Nature: Time to Regrow, Reduce and Reuse

climate change

In the wake of coronavirus when everyone is inside their homes and industries coming to standstill, we observe that pollution levels have decreased, the birds and animals are wandering freely, and that Nature is slowly reviving. Even the majestic Himalayan range is now visible from Saharanpur with an aerial difference of about 200 odd kilometers, making the “Once upon a time” stories narrated by our grandparents REAL!

Amid the lockdown, we have definitely realized how animals feel caged for life and how important it is not to disturb the ecological equilibrium. There is a dire need to rethink nature, how we can give it back, and bring it to normal all again.

Increasing threat by human-driven climate change

We’ve all been hearing news of Cyclones lashing western India recently. Tropical Cyclone Nisarga is the first Tropical Cyclone to strike the Maharashtra coast after almost 129 years. Cyclones originating in the Arabian Sea typically migrate from east to west making landfall in the coastal regions of the Persian Gulf, but Nisarga showed unusual traits by traversing from west to east.

The reason for such a drastic change lies in the damage we have done in the form of Global Warming to nature! Yes, that’s right. The storms are supercharged by overheated oceans caused by global warming. The changes we see in climate are not an effect of 1-day emissions of the greenhouse gases, not 100 days, its the cumulative impact of all the industrialization since 1760.

So what can we do now? How can we contribute to Nature?

Planting trees to mitigate climate change

If we think that planting trees today will fix the problem tomorrow, we ‘re too optimistic, but it’s guaranteed that the trees we ‘re planting today would certainly help clean the atmosphere in a century, and will undoubtedly give back Nature a reason to smile :).

We should remember that we are merely tenants on the planet, we own nothing and it is nature that makes our existence possible, so let’s be generous to return the favor.

  • Reduce pollution & plastic waste
  • Re-grow trees whenever & wherever possible
  • Reuse and re-cycle to save natural resources
Together we can act #ForNature

This World Environment Day, it’s Time for Nature. It’s time to build back better for People and Planet. We all have a role to play in preventing biodiversity loss and preserving nature for our future. []

Here’s my little initiative to help prevent the planet to drown in plastic pollution and re-use biodegradable materials to grow plants.

I came across an article highlighting how the Gujarat forest department started the initiative of growing saplings in Coconut Shells before they settle in the soil for good. I was so impressed, that I instantly went to the coconut guy in my society and asked for the leftover shells from him. At first, he was a little surprised but he was fascinated when I explained why I need it.

After cleaning and drying the shell for some time, I transferred the soil and my money plant from a plastic pot to a coconut shell. Later, cut the bottom, so it’s balanced, allowing its roots to grow into full potential.

The small saplings are usually grown in plastic, and while replanting the plastic is simply thrown away adding to the existing toxic waste to the soil. Because coconut shells are biodegradable, growing plants within them will save plastic waste and these shells will also act as nutrients upon degradation.

Next time you drink coconut water, take it to the house instead of throwing its shell and plant some sapling inside.


This article was originally published by Surbhi Chhajer,



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