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Same Day Delivery Orlando, Florida

Same Day Delivery Orlando, Florida

on demand delivery orlando

Get the best same-day delivery in Orlando, Florida!

Same-day delivery is a rapidly growing phenomenon across various cities in the US and Orlando is no different. There are many people looking to have items delivered to them the same day in the city.

However, not everybody has a way of getting items delivered to them within a few hours of booking.

Not anymore.

Haultail® on-demand pickup and delivery services are here for your same-day delivery needs in the Orlando area. Regardless of where you are in the city, we can have a driver pick up your item and deliver it to you within 4 hours in most cases. Expedited deliveries can even happen in under 2 hours. All you need to do is book the pickup and delivery through our website or app, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We have drivers available all throughout the Orlando area waiting for jobs or delivering for an existing job. You can even track the progress of your driver in real-time to see when they are getting close to you.

Items That We Deliver:

  1. Gifts –  Flowers, Candy, Gifts
  2. Clothing – Shoes, Pants, Shirt
  3. Home Décor – Artwork, Pillows, Tv’s
  4. Electronics – Laptop Computers, iPads
  5. Furniture – Tables, Chairs, Sofas
Our drivers are professionally vetted to make sure that you get your item when you need it and how you need it. We also have a wide range of drivers so that we can always accommodate your request.

We have all-size vehicles so that we can deliver any type of item that you have. Our pool of vehicles include:

  • Two-wheelers:  For small, lightweight items
  • Trucks: For larger, heavier items
  • Vans: For deliveries that require more space
  • Small size cars: For deliveries to businesses with limited space
We also provide store pickup and delivery. For example, if you purchase a new television from Wal-Mart and would like to have it delivered to your home, we can do that for you in a short time. Many of our customers use our services to get their items delivered to them from other sellers within their city.

These customers are usually from the following categories:

One more great thing about Haultail® is that we are not limited by the delivery radius of the store. If you want your purchase brought to you even if it was shipped to a store further away, we can do that for you.

As long as our driver can make it there and back in the time we agree upon, we can take care of all your same-day delivery needs.

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