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The Evolution of the Transportation Sector

The Evolution of the American Transportation Sector

American Transportation

How America Became the Country with Largest Road Network and Automobile Industry

The evolution of the transportation sector has been phenomenal over the past century. From roadways to waterways and even airways, humans have been able to revolutionize commuting in all these areas. But one area that has been most focused on is – roadways. 

“American roads are not good because America is rich, but America is rich because American roads are good,” US President John F Kennedy once said famously.

There have been billions of dollars of investment in road transportation. In fact, that’s been one of the major objectives of almost all presidents since the early 20th century. And, it is heavily invested even today. President Joe Biden recently introduced his $2 trillion infrastructure bill, a.k.a American Jobs Plan. 

He said it was a “once-in-a-generation investment in America, unlike anything we have seen or done since we built the Interstate Highway System and won the Space Race decades ago.”

He added: “It’s big. It’s bold. And we can get it done.”

America – The Country with Largest Road Network

Well, it first started after World War I when America prioritized roadways and national highways. It has since spent hundreds and billions of dollars in creating a roadway network that just connects every single part of America with each other. 

In the past 100 years or so, America has built the largest Roadway network that stretches up to 6.58 million kilometers in total length. It is also the world’s largest road network with 4.3 million kilometers of paved roads including 76,334 km of expressway. 

And with that massive network of roads and highways, American automobile industry grew significantly. I mean, it’s the largest automobile industry in the world. America has the most cars in the world, more than China, although China is four times the population of the US.

Now, America is gradually moving towards electric vehicles. With Tesla launching extremely efficient electric cars and mainstream players like GM, Ford, and Nissan getting into the arena.

“President Biden’s [infrastructure] plan is the most visionary proposal for the nation’s transportation network since the dawn of the interstate highway system,” agreed Janette Sadik-Khan, chair of the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO).

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