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The Simple 4-Step Paper Recycling Process

how to recycle paper

Learn about Paper Recycling and Use Haultail® Same Day Junk Removal for Waste Paper Disposal

The Paper recycling process is the process of turning old paper into new. The last decade saw more sustainable initiatives in recycling paper, as more people are becoming conscious about the environmental effects of deforestation and intensive wood-farming methods.

Recycling paper is just one part of the wider movement to reduce pollution, conserve natural resources and protect forests. It may be a simple process, but one that is closely linked to the way our society operates.

What’s more, the paper recycling process can be used in combination with shredding machines or baling presses to facilitate further handling of waste paper. Paper waste products are routinely burned after recovery to generate energy and reduce the volume of waste.

Paper Recycling Process:

  1. The recycling process starts by collecting paper waste products like newspapers, magazines, junk mail, and other paper products. This is usually done by hand or with the help of waste collection machines that are specially designed to pick up light materials like paper.
  2. After collection, the waste material is shredded into small pieces in preparation for reprocessing. The Paper recycling process requires that the base components be cleanly stripped of any ink. This is done by passing the paper through large machines that use hot water and chemical solutions to remove most of the leftover ink particles.
  3. Removal of the remaining ink particles requires specialized filtration units, with each unit designed to deal with different types of inks used on various products like newspapers, cardboard boxes, or magazines.
  4. After a complete washing and filtering, the paper is reformed into its original shape. The reprocessed paper goes through a drying process before being mixed with raw pulp to produce a recycled paper of equal quality to non-recycled products.

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