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The world’s tallest single-rail rollercoaster opens in the US

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Riders are at the top of a 39-metre drop.

They’re about to plunge 96km/h.

Now’s a good time to ask: “What in the devil are they thinking?”

These US rollercoaster enthusiasts — “daredevils” if you will — are willing riders on the Jersey Devil Coaster, which debuted to the public on Sunday at Six Flags Great Adventure in central New Jersey.

The park says it’s “the world’s tallest, fastest, and longest single rail coaster… Towering 13 stories high, the coaster takes riders more than 900 metres of track.”

First drop is a real doozy

Six Flags has posted a 1.11-minute video of the ride on its Twitter account.

The ride is a “singular” experience.

Unlike most coasters where you share the ride side-by-side, folks on the Jersey Devil are seated low and in single file.

Each train holds 12 passengers.

The Devil means business, too.

Straight out of the station, the coaster immediately begins its rapid ascent.

It crests the first hill with gorgeous views of the park and New Jersey countryside.

But you have to take it in fast.

This coaster doesn’t linger at the top at all.

And that first drop is a real doozy.

The park says it’s 87 degrees steep.

Within seconds of the drop, you’re already back up the next hill and being thrown into a mind-bending series of inversions, twists, and more hills as the single track snakes in and out of itself.

Bright, primary colours dominate.

The coaster cars are deep red, and the single track is an orange-yellow.

A few Jersey Devil stats

The park laid the final piece of track back in January and shared some of the coaster’s features: — Max speed is 93km/h — It’s 13 stories high with a 39m drop — It covers more than 915 metres — It offers “three dramatic inversions including a 180-degree stall, raven dive and zero-gravity roll”.

How did Six Flags come up with the wicked name?

Jersey Devil folklore has been a source of fear and intrigue here in the Pine Barrens for more than 200 years,” Great Adventure President John Winkler said, according to the Staten Island Advance.

“We’ll immerse riders in this iconic piece of New Jersey history on our monstrous, new scream machine”. Rider review

On the Coaster Studios YouTube channel, a group went out on the park’s media/VIP preview day to record their ride and give their critiques.

“It’s just so different than every other attraction here,” Taylor Bybee said as the ride concluded.

One rider interviewed on the video said he preferred the back row over the front and preferred the first half of the ride over the second half.

He said that once the ride is “broken in” more, he expects the speeds on the second half of the ride to increase.

World’s tallest coaster period

The Jersey Devil is tall — but it only makes the world’s record as the tallest single-rail attraction.

It’s dwarfed by the world’s tallest coaster overall.

That coaster is the Kingda Ka.

It goes up to a hold-onto-your-stomach height of 139 metres and reaches a top speed of 206km/h.

It’s also located at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey.

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