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World Population Day

Population Management

World Population Day is an annual event celebrated every year on July 11 which intends to create awareness about global population issues. It was established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Program in 1989 after the world experienced a population explosion in South Asian countries, China and India.

The United Nations has also created a fund (UNFPA) and a population branch to discuss and plan necessary programs on this day. The purpose of this branch is also to highlight information about the steps being taken to control the world population. 

Importance of World Population Day

Overpopulation is one of the biggest world challenges. With India and China alone having more than 2.5 billion people, it’s imperative that people know how it impacts our planet. It may affect the environment in multiple ways such as distribution of the world’s resources, ecology, food shortages, health infrastructure, etc. 

The world only tends to take notice of the rise in population when it increases by billions. However, the world population actually grows by a staggering 100 million after every 14 months. On Feb 6th, 2016, the population of earth reached 7,400,000,000 and within the next 14 months, by April 2017, it was 7,500,000,000. Currently, the world population is close to 7,800,000,000 and growing. 

Every year, the UNFPA chooses a new place to organize its conferences and discuss and accelerate the work towards its objectives. The events call upon people of all spectrums of public lives including policymakers, institutions, global leaders, etc. from all around the world. And, the objective of these gatherings is to make reproductive rights and health a reality for everybody in the world.

Top 3 Countries with Fastest Growing Population

1. Syria: According to a report, Syria has the fastest growing population in the world with a whopping 4.65% population growth rate annually.

2. Niger: Next is Niger with a population growth rate of 3.66 yearly.

3. Angola: Angola is another country where the population is growing at a rapid pace. Its population growth rate is around 3.4 every year.

This year’s theme for World Population Day was how Covid-19 impacted fertility and changed people’s reproductive and sexual habits.


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