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10 Easy DIY Tips After Storm Cleanup

10 Easy DIY Tips After Storm Cleanup

after a storm cleanup

Cleaning up after a storm could be a daunting process, especially if the storm was strong. A lot of times, it breaks things and leaves a complete mess in the house. But you can always clean it with a few tips. Here’s a list of DIY tips to have a proper after-storm cleanup. 

1.  Clean Floors Thoroughly 

The first step is to take care of the floor. Sweep the floor, then mop it with a solution of hot water and dish soap. You could also use baking soda to remove dirt, grime, and mildew stains. Before cleaning, you may have to remove the trash and dump it appropriately. 

You can use the Demo Bags® to gather all the waste lying around and haul up to 75′ without it tearing open.

2. Dry Books 

If there are any soaked books lying around your home, you need to dry them out properly before you can use them again. Dry them one at a time, and place each book between two towels that have been rolled up properly. Keep it aside for about a day or two. 

For torn books that cannot be used again, you can plan for sending it for recycling. Haultail® can deliver the books to any of the nearest recycling centers that can recycle them.

3. Fix Furniture 

If your furniture was damaged due to the storm, you need to fix it as soon as possible before mold begins to grow. Remove the grime and mud from the furniture with sandpaper, and then use a cloth dipped in paint to wipe away any leftover debris. Most of the time, it’s easy to clean the furniture; however, sometimes, especially if it is large and heavy, it could take some time. 

If it is damaged, then you can either dispose of it or sell it online at a discounted price. Once sold or discarded, Haultail® can ship it at a relevant destination – be it a dump yard or another buyer. Our professional same-day pickup and delivery executives can do the loading, unloading all by themselves allowing you to take care of other stuff. 

4. Clean Window Frames 

Next is cleaning the window frames to get rid of all dirt and mildew that might have built up. You could use a mixture of water, vinegar, and shampoo to clean them up. If the windows are broken, then you need to be careful while cleaning them. 

Haultail® cheap junk removal services offer a safe cleanup and removal of broken glass items. Our drivers would come in a vehicle that suits the quantity of junk and carefully dispose of it at glass recycling centers or trash is at relevant landfills.

5. Clean the Garden 

After cleaning interior spaces in your home, you need to focus on the garden next. Remove all fallen leaves that have collected in one place and don’t let them rot. Clean off any dirt or mud too, before mowing down grass if necessary.

However, when you hire a dedicated yard junk removal service like Haultail®, then your becomes a cakewalk. Our yard trash disposal experts come with appropriate tools to not only clean the yard but also trash it. From uprooted grass to large trees, Haultail® can take care of it all.

6. Repair Gutters 

If gutters have been damaged due to strong winds, you need to repair them as soon as possible. Remove all debris from the gutter, and then use waterproof tape to patch up any holes in it.

7. Inspect the Roof

After cleaning your home from inside, move outside for a roof inspection next. Look for missing or broken shingles, and replace them with new ones if found necessary.

8. Repair Doors 

This is the last part. Inspect doors for any damage, fix them up if necessary. Remember to apply weather stripping on the bottom of all exterior doors to prevent water from seeping inside homes during next storms.

9. Power Up 

If there is anything left still not done, you need to power up your home again. Run an extension cord or a portable generator outside where all appliances are plugged in to run them. Then, go about your regular business again with a sigh of relief that the storm is gone now.

11.  Prepare for Next Storm

The best way to make the most of storm cleanup is to get prepared before the storm arrives. For that, you need to make an inventory of your home and note down its contents like furniture, electronics, etc., make a list of important documents and keep them in one safe place. After the storm has passed, you can begin with your cleanup by checking this list.

Apart from the above, if there’s any other type of debris or junk that you may have, Haultail® helps you with the perfect junk removal services. We are an all-in-one junk removal company that takes care of every single type of trash you have post-storm except hazardous stuff.

For help and assistance to haul junk near your home or your backyard or office after a storm, download the Haultail® junk removal app today. You won’t be disappointed!

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