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11 Facts About the Most Reliable Contractor Trash Bags Demo Bags®

11 Facts About the Most Reliable Contractor Trash Bags Demo Bags®

best heavy duty cheap trash bags

Demo Bags® The Most Durable Contractor Trash Bags in the Market!

Demo Bags® are the best contractor trash bags that can be used in place of regular trash bags. These heavy-duty trash bags are created by a construction veteran of 25 years, who tested the idea for years before officially launching it. Now, these cheap contractor bags are sold across the country. 

History Of Demo Bags®

Bruce was working on restoring his home in Boston. He realized that he couldn’t put more than one or two bricks into a garbage bag before it ripped, so instead, he utilized a woven burlap sack. That’s when the idea for a strong trash bag that is also stronger like burlap but with greater longevity came to him.

Before finding the right combination — polypropylene strands are woven tightly together to create a nearly indestructible bag — Bruce tried many materials and techniques. His concept took hold, and Demo Bags® are now available in every state of the United States selling hundreds and thousands of pieces each month.

Here are some facts about it:

1. Demo Bags® are highly tearing resistant: 

Even when overloaded and overstuffed, they will resist tearing while still remaining easy to transport and empty out. They’re the strongest contractor trash bag on the market — an ideal solution for construction sites, landscapers, junk haulers, dumpsters, temporary storage & more. 

2. Demo Bags® are puncture-resistant:

Their patented design resists the penetration of sharp objects, keeping sharp items safely isolated away from workers and other people. They can even be dragged up to the length of a football field and they won’t tear-open easily.

3. They can hold weight:

A Demo Bag® can hold as much as 110 lbs of debris – whether construction & demolition debris, electronic junk, etc.  You can carry, haul large amounts in just a few trips.

4. They are reusable:

Demo Bags® are designed to be reused between 3 to 5 times, with little wear and tear. The 7 mil strength allows these contractor trash bags to be reused over and over again. That’s the highest for any contractor’s trash bags.

5. Fully Recyclable:

They are fully recyclable and 100% eco-friendly. These bags do not harm the environment as much as other contractor trash bags that are made up of plastic or other harmful material.

6. They can be used as a replacement for contractor trash cans:

Their strength and durable design make them the perfect substitute for contractor trash cans, which oftentimes cost more than these bags. With Demo Bags®, you simply bag it and haul it away after use.

7. They can be used to store other items:

Items such as tools, sharp objects, and more can be safely stored in Demo Bags® when not being used. The bags keep these items off the ground while still protecting whatever they’re storing inside from moisture or debris that might soil them or get them damaged.

8. Made up of Polypropylene Fiber:

The bags are made of Polypropylene Fiber, a material able to jot down the tear resistance, puncture resistance and strength of these bags. These strands are woven together to make a bag that’s nearly indestructible while hauling or junk removal.

9. Made Specifically for Construction Workers

The design of the bag makes it extremely easy to use especially for people working at construction sites, landscapers, junk haulers, dumpsters, temporary storage, and more.

10. They are Used in Many Different Industries

Demo Bags® are used across many different industries including construction sites, landscapers, junk haulers, dumpsters, temporary storage, and more.

11. Can Demo Bags® Hold Hazardous Waste

Most governments expect the bag to be at least 6 mils strong to haul hazardous waste; however, Demo Bags® are 7 mils and are tested at 8 mils. As a result, it can hold hazardous materials without breaking them.

What’s The Best Way to Heavy Duty Cheap Trash Bags?

Well, you can purchase Demo Bags®, the best heavy-duty cheap trash bags online or even on top big-box retailers. You can even get a $25 cash back on the purchase of a box of these Demo Bags®; all you need to do is use Haultail® junk removal service and apply that $25 to the box you purchased. That should be it.

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