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3 Points to Change Your Mindset on Money


Money is a tool we are all able to control

I agree. Talking about money can be uncomfortable. People will look at you weird for talking about money. They will start to question why you care so much about money. Money isn’t everything, but whether we like it or not, money is a fundamental aspect of our lives. We need to make money to cover our expenses. Money is a tool that assists us in getting through different stages of our lives. I am currently at the beginning of my career in the financial industry. I am making the most money I have ever made in my life. My mindset on money is the most positive it has ever been in my life and has been shifted to a place that will prepare me for long-term financial success. Here are the 3 aspects of money I have learned that has changed my mindset, and I am confident that they will assist in changing your mindset: There is always something new to learn about money, there is money out there for everyone, and building wealth is a marathon.

1. There Is Always Something New to Learn About Money

Education is forever. We all must be lifelong learners. When it comes to money, there is always something new to learn. Whether it be a new way to budget, invest, or prioritize certain debt, you can always learn something new that you did not know before. You should always be open-minded to learning something new about money. You should be open to watching that YouTube video, reading that blog post, or reading that book. There are many ways for us to learn due to the great amount of information we have access to at our fingertips.

One of the recent things I have learned about money is the concept of dividend-focused investing. I have been familiar with dividends since I first got into investing in the stock market in 2017, but I never truly familiarized myself with the concept of dividend investing. A dividend is a cash payment from a corporation to its shareholders. Dividend investing involves buying stocks that pay dividends to receive a regular income from your investments. I know, this sounds rather basic, but a major reason to invest in dividend-paying stocks is to cover your bills.

For example, I own shares of AT&T. AT&T owns Cricket Wireless, which is the service I use for my phone. My phone bill is $50 per month. AT&T pays a quarterly dividend that amounts to about $0.52. I will continue to buy shares of AT&T so that the quarterly dividends will cover the $150 I pay Cricket Wireless every 3 months for service. Understanding this aspect of money has furthered my understanding of dividends.

2. There Is Money out There for Everyone

I have realized that there is not a scarce amount of money. There is an abundance amount of money out there in the world, we just have to work on the best strategies of being able to capture it. To be able to put yourself in the position to make more money, you must be able to think positively. Positive thinking is important in achieving any goal that you have for yourself.

I started writing on Medium in early April 2020. I wanted to share my knowledge of my personal finance experience, but I also wanted to create a new stream of income for myself. I read the articles on people making thousands of dollars a month on Medium. I realized that there is an abundance of money to be made on Medium. I kept this positive thinking in my head and so far after about 2 months of writing on Medium, I have made over $35. This is only the beginning for me. Nothing can stop me from continuing to share my knowledge and earn a side income from Medium.

3. Building Wealth Is a Marathon

It is a process. Nothing is truly instant in life. Do I have the chance of becoming a millionaire within the next 5 years of my life? I do, but that does not mean it took 5 years. All the steps I have taken earlier in my life will lead me to that stage of my life. Also, becoming a millionaire does not mean I am wealthy either. For myself, true wealth comes with the knowledge of budgeting, not having unnecessary debt, having an emergency fund, investing in stocks and real estate, living affordably, being able to freely take care of others close to me, and most importantly, taking care of myself regarding health and education.

Over time, I know that I will be able to build upon the items I consider important for true wealth with the steps that I am taking today. At times, I wish the process is faster, but then I realize there is no need to feel rushed. As long as I am getting at least 1% better every day, I will be able to achieve true wealth. Sometimes we all need to just sit back, calm down, and realize that not everything in life will come to us as quickly as a snap of your finger.

New learnings, abundance, and marathon. That is how I like to simplify these 3 points. I hope that you can now see that money is a tool that you can control. I know that I am in control of my money due to things such as the way I set goals, the way I save money, and the way I invest money. I am always open to learning about something new regarding money. I know that there is money out there for everyone to earn. I am taking the steps now to build wealth. Once you look at money from these 3 points, you will see that there is no need to overcomplicate things and bring negative emotions upon yourself. I want you to be great, and I know you will be because you will start to work on changing your mindset on money for the betterment of your future.


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