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6 Trends That Will Drive the Future of Transportation

autonomous vehicles

The most important trends about the future of transportation.

Despite the pandemic, larger trends in the transportation sector are unlikely to abate. After the lockdown has ended, people’s desire for more ecologically responsible, resilient, and comfortable modes of transportation will persist and reassert itself. So, what are those larger trends in the market?

Some of them are: 

  1. The rise of the sharing economy has the potential — for better or worse — to change how we travel. With many ride-hailing and ridesharing startups on the block, consumers can summon a car at their convenience. There is no longer an impetus to own a vehicle because many startups provide access to cars in suburban communities when they are not needed by their owners.
  2. High-speed travel is bound to improve. Some companies are already working on next-generation vehicles, including Elon Musk’s Hyperloop, which would transport passengers in pods near the speed of sound. With speeds several times faster than current high-speed rail systems, it can help ease congestion along popular travel routes.
  3. Electric vehicles represent another way to improve energy efficiency. Battery-powered electric cars emit no carbon dioxide, and their power is generated by green sources like wind and solar.
  4. Autonomous vehicles are another way to ease gridlock on the roads. While their implementation may take time, they will likely improve safety on crowded roadways, as well as increase fuel efficiency with smoother acceleration and braking.
  5. The rise of the Internet of Things will enable new solutions that would make a person’s experience more seamless and personalized, from their morning commute to working out at the local gym. Cars could communicate with traffic lights to optimize flow and parking lots could be better managed by using smart sensors embedded in the pavement. Personalized infotainment services and even social interactions could be embedded in the car itself.
  6. Expect to see more products come onto the market that caters to pedestrians, cyclists, and commuters in general, who will no longer be deterred by long commutes or congested roads.

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