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7 Day-to-Day Items You Think are Recyclable but Are Not!

7 Day-to-Day Items You Think are Recyclable but Are Not!

Junk Removal Service

Recycling materials is the next big thing to reverse global warming. However, not every item that you use in your day-to-day life may not be recyclable. Here are a bunch of things  that fall under this category:

  1. Food waste: Not many people know that food waste is not recyclable. This is because the decomposing of food results in the emission of methane gas which is highly toxic.
  2. Used Paper plates and plastic spoons: These are not entirely non-recyclable but require thorough cleaning before you can recycle them. If not, they will contaminate the recycling process that would only lead to loss of resources used for making new items.
  3. Plastic bags: As harmful as these are to the environment, most recycling plants do not handle plastic bags due to the danger they pose in the process. In fact, plastic bags are known to get caught in the machinery and slow down the process.
  4. Wine bottles: These bottles are made of glass but carry wine residue. The metallic smell will contaminate a whole batch of glass recycling making it worthless. Because each bottle type has a different melting point, you cannot put them together either. So, it’s really hard to recycle them if not entirely difficult.
  5. Mirrors and wraps: It is impossible to recycle these types as they contain harmful chemicals that contaminate the whole process of recycling.
  6. Ceramic: The glazes used in ceramics prevent them from being recycled and reused. Ceramic is therefore made to be used once only.
  7. Discarded electronic parts: These are made up of mostly metal but contain other chemicals that make them harmful to the environment when recycled. You should not throw these out in your recycling bins either.

How to Remove Junk That is Not Recyclable?

Disposing of junk that is not recyclable is easy. You can get in touch with Haultail® junk removal services to help you with the process.

Haultail® is a junk removal company that takes care of removing any type of junk, clutter or debris for your home or business. Whether it is a single item or a whole garage full of trash, our team can handle it all and dispose of it at appropriate dump yards.

Our professional junk removal experts will come to you and take away whatever you want inside your property. We offer reliable, honest, affordable, and efficient services that will be sure to take care of your junk in no time.

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