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6 Common Types of Waste on a Construction Site

6 Common Types of Waste on a Construction Site

bricks waste removal

Construction Waste Types

The construction industry probably generates the most amount of waste compared to other industries. With millions of tons of trash every year, it is not only difficult to dispose of but also recycles.

Here is a list of commonly found construction trash that you can be aware of:

1. Concrete Waste

Concrete junk is the most common type of junk type found in the real estate and construction sector.  Most of the construction sites are surrounded by piles of concrete. Although it can’t be easily recycled, it can be reused in minor ways like road base or used in foundations.

2. Wood Waste

Wood is one of the best types of junk found around the construction site because it provides excellent fuel for fires and burning. Wood, when stacked properly, can help insulate the other junk materials. Wood is commonly found in the form of wooden pallets, drywall, plywood, studs, etc.

3. Glass Waste

Construction sites are filled with glass bottles and jars because demolition often results in broken glass pieces. Glass can be recycled or reused for new construction projects by grinding them up to make aggregate.

4. Stone and Rock Waste 

Stone and rocks are very bulky and not easy to transport or recycle. They can be found in the form of bricks, rubble, rocks, etc. Demolition is full of stone and rock waste because most materials like wood and metal cannot be broken down using machinery alone so extensive manual labor is required which results in a big chunk of rock and stone.

5. Metal Waste

Construction sites are filled with all types of metal. Be it rusty old paint cans, metals from broken-down machines, and tools, all sorts of metal can be found on construction sites. Metals are generally hard to break down and recycle but cutting them results in small pieces that can be melted down for reuse.

6. Bricks Waste

Construction sites are filled with bricks and rocks. Bricks can be reused for making new masonry projects like sidewalks etc. It is advised to use broken bricks as a road base because of its lightweight nature.

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