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A Guide to Faster Local Store Order Pickup & Delivery – Haultail®

A Guide to Faster Local Store Order Pickup & Delivery – Haultail®

better customer experience

Learn how to get faster pickup & delivery for your products

It’s difficult to meet customer delivery deadlines; in fact, surpassing client expectations is the equivalent of running an Olympic marathon; it takes a lot of effort but winning pays off handsomely for your company.

To meet the customer’s expectation that their local store order is ready for pick up or delivery at a specific time, you need to be focused on your daily routines. In other words, you have to have a systematic approach to create a faster and more efficient process. There are key components in creating an effective system: metrics, KPIs, automation, etc. In this guide, faster local stores, order pickup, and delivery will be explored in detail.

1) Reduce Shipping Options

By reducing the number of shipping options, you can maintain a lean and streamlined process. For example, it is possible that your store offers three types of delivery: pick up in-store, local store order pickup and direct to home delivery. When reviewing this list, some stores may find they’re offering too many choices for their customers.

2) Efficient and Professional Drivers

Haultail’s On-Demand Delivery ensures that local store order delivery drivers are always available to meet the customer’s needs. With this service, customers know they will have a professional driver at their door for pickup or delivery. And, the drivers are courteous, uniformed employees who are familiar with store locations.

3) Routing and Driving Instructions

Routing and driving instructions also help to ensure that the customer is satisfied when their order is ready for pickup or delivery. There are several tools available to assist you in this area, including routing apps, mapping software programs, and GPS systems. You can also turn to Haultail®, where we will ensure that the order is shipped through the best, shortest route possible using our innovative ride-sharing technology.

4) Use Real-time Data to Drive Efficiency

The Haultail® app allows you to track order status, driver location, and everything right from its interface. You can also create, cancel jobs, and track everything in real-time from our user-friendly application.

5) Efficient Order Entry

You can also offer a variety of tools to help your staff with efficient order entry. It also includes creating order types for each product, ensuring that your store offers the most accurate and up-to-date information for each shipment. You can also empower your staff with an easy-to-use interface that enables them to enter data quickly.

6) Improving Outcomes with Automation

Brick and mortar stores need to be lean and agile in order to meet customers’ demands. This is why it’s important to automate processes. Using automated tools more than doubles your efficiency by reducing the time spent on various activities, such as:
  • Order entry;
  • Customer communications;
  • Order tracking;
  • Confirmations and approvals;
  • Delivery routing

8) Prioritize Deliveries

You can prioritize deliveries to meet the customer’s needs. For example, some customers may have a tight deadline, while others may have an urgent medical need or other special circumstances. You can route high-priority orders directly to your drivers so they arrive on time. Haultail® does order prioritization based on the customer’s needs without affecting their schedules.

9) Coordination between Support & Drivers

The Haultail® On-Demand Delivery team is always available for you when you need assistance. This includes the coordination between our customer support executives and drivers in the field. Knowing that this support is readily available, you can concentrate on other areas of the business knowing that operations will run smoothly.

Haultail® Same Day Delivery Services

Haultail® on-demand delivery services are currently available all across the US. Our services include next-day and same-day delivery, local courier, junk pickup, and delivery. If you want to have something delivered,  need something picked up, or even if you want to get rid of an old couch or desk; Haultail® is here for you.

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