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Automobili Lamborghini earns “Top Employer Italy 2021” certification


  • Lamborghini has received the award for the eighth year running
  • A people-focused strategy in the year of the pandemic
  • Innovative digital programs, tools for more flexibility and for income support, projects for social responsibility
Sant’Agata Bolognese, January 25, 2021 – For the eighth year running, Automobili Lamborghini has received the “Top Employer Italy 2021” award from the Top Employers Institute, an agency that acknowledges companies that apply the highest quality standards to how they manage their human capital.

This award once again acknowledges Lamborghini’s efforts to promote a corporate culture revolving around its people. Umberto Tossini, Chief Human Capital Officer at Lamborghini, commented: “In a year dominated by the pandemic, this award is even more poignant. Our company reacted promptly to the challenges presented by the emergency, considering our people as the absolute priority and implementing actions dictated by an absolute sense of responsibility towards the company and the country. Investing constantly in the wellbeing and growth of our people drives their sense of motivation, which plays a vital role in meeting company targets and gives us all common values and perspectives.”

Today, Lamborghini employs more than 1,800 people, an increase of 10% in 2020 and of 70% over the last five years.

Keeping the focus on people using digital technology, tools for flexibility and income support, and actions of social responsibility

Several projects were put in place during 2020. In addition to the innovative projects already launched to promote diversity, inclusion, equal parenting rights and equal pay for men and women with equivalent qualifications and duties, the company started several new programs in 2020 with the support of union representatives, offering a tangible response to the emergency caused by the spread of COVID-19.

Significant investments in digital technology were made, implementing a program designed to help maintain relations with the company and guarantee the continuity of training during the lockdown. The digital project “Fermarsi e Formarsi” – Stop and Train – has tips and advice on making the best use of time spent in quarantine, such as free training courses and ideas for personal wellbeing: this included webinars taken by panels of experts who were called on to support the psychological and physical wellbeing of employees, as well as the construction of the “Lamborghini Learning Place” e-learning platform, a virtual space focusing on developing individual skills. Inclusion has always been the backbone of the corporate culture at Lamborghini, which led to the development of courses with simultaneous translation into Italian Sign Language so that hearing-impaired colleagues are also involved. Along with these ideas, Lamborghini developed and launched an App for Lamborghini employees, to which they directly contributed with the aim of achieving an increasingly inclusive approach and taking in all areas of the company.

Today, digital ecosystems mean people can be close even when socially distancing; at Lamborghini it also meant the company’s fitness program – LamboFIT – did not have to be abandoned and was adapted to become a streaming format catering for all needs.

As regards Work-Life Integration, various tools were put in place for greater flexibility to support the income of employees and their work organization. Non-stop dialog with social partners, running in parallel with the efforts of the Joint Committee handling the COVID-19 emergency, resulted in a much stronger focus on remote working; the Results Bonus being paid earlier than usual; and access to benefits worth up to 80% of pay for days taken off because of COVID, as well as seven extra days. Staff were allowed to take 80 extra holiday hours, that they can make up at a later date, with the possibility of converting part of their Year-End Bonus into paid leave. To support employees experiencing more serious difficulties, the Hours Solidarity Bank was launched, putting a special focus on temporary workers by extending their contracts for up to six months in order to neutralize the effects of the lockdown.

During the temporary suspension of the company’s operations for 70 days last spring, Lamborghini launched several important projects for social responsibility, such as converting some of its production departments to make medical face masks and visors for St. Orsola Hospital in Bologna and working with SIARE Engineering International Group to co-engineer and manufacture breathing simulators.

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