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Best Halloween Contests Ideas

Best Halloween Contests Ideas

best contest ideas for Halloween

Contest Ideas for Halloween, 2021

Looking to get into the Halloween spirit? Try your hand at a few simple contests to get in the mood for this spooky time of year, just in time for October 31. Here are a few contest ideas to help you celebrate Halloween in style.

1. Costume Contest: 

A simple costume contest can be fun and might help you avoid last-minute dressing. This is a great idea if you’re hosting a party with friends or family, as everyone gets into the spirit of things.

Make sure that everyone is wearing costumes before getting started though! Before the contest starts, ask your guests to show off their outfits for a few minutes. Ask them to show you what they’re wearing and come up with a time limit for this. 

2. Pumpkin Carving Contest: 

A pumpkin carving contest makes for a great activity for groups of friends or family members. This is perfect if you’re having a party, as it gets everyone involved in the festivities.

You can carve pumpkins outside, on your porch with candlelight illuminating them so they look scary, or inside your home with lights dimmed to create an eerie atmosphere. Make sure everyone has the right tools to craft it.

3. Candy Eating Contest: 

A candy-eating contest can be fun for kids or adults. However, this is only appropriate if you’re celebrating Halloween on October 31st. You don’t want your contestants running into any tummy aches due to this contest.

You can use any kind of candy for this, or even chocolate bars if you choose to have an adult-only contest. Make sure everyone is aware of the time limit before getting started.

4. Office Decoration Contest: 

Having a contest to decorate your office is a great way to get in the Halloween mood with your friends and colleagues. It’s also fairly easy to plan and manage, with little preparation needed.

You can ask everyone at work to bring in their decorations if they want to take part in the contest. You could even supply some of the materials like paper plates, napkins, and bowls from the office kitchen.

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