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Construction and Demolition Waste Removal

Construction And Demolition Waste Removal

Construction and demolition waste removal is a huge problem for many households especially if debris is in large quantities. There are many companies offering dedicated services including Haultail® to help solve this problem. Now, while Haultail® has been at the center of providing world-class construction and demolition waste removal services in the United States, there are many service providers that fail to deliver.

What Exactly is Construction and Demolition Waste Removal?

Construction and demolition waste removal is the process of getting rid of construction debris and junk accumulated during the construction process. The removal process, although sounds simple, is actually not. Depending on the size and scale of the demolition or the construction, the waste is piled up. However, to remove it, you need expertise, the right set of tools, and experience possessed by the likes of Haultail®. We can not only do it efficiently but also at significantly lower costs compared to others.

Once a building is demolished, it has something called retrievable items. These include wood, metal, bricks, and tiles; most of the time, these bricks, titles, etc. can be disposed of using our debris removal service. Along with these, we also dispose of concrete waste, but for these to be recycled properly, it should be disposed of at the right recycling locations. Many of Haultail® customers request their masonry waste to be dumped in landfills that send these for recycling and we do the needful.

Why Should You Choose Haultail?

With the US economy getting back on track post-Covid19, the construction industry is expected to grow significantly. This would increase the workload of the supporting industries as well; for example, we would need more construction pickup contractors that can provide timely debris removal services. But how would you choose the perfect construction debris disposal service?

Well, you choose based on the service quality and construction waste removal cost. And, we at Haultail® have the best service quality and the most competitive pricing. Now, let us dig deeper into the types of products they pick and remove.

Types of Construction and Demolition Waste

There are various types of waste depending on the building materials used; however, these are the most common:

Cement Concrete: Cement concrete is a major type of construction debris with tons and tons that gets piled up with every demolition. It is usually used for columns, roofs, staircases, few architectural structures, etc. And, when destroyed, they weigh quite a lot. In fact, it requires a team of professional construction and demolition waste removal providers like Haultail® with the right debris machines to dispose of it.

Bricks: Bricks are most commonly used to build walls, masonry work, and pavements. There are many different types of bricks that are used based on their specialty. Because these are composed of dried clay, they leave a lot of rubble when demolished. With Haultail® at your side, the demolished brick wall rubble, etc. are effectively picked up in our specialized Demo Bags® that can carry a significant load without getting damaged and junked at a relevant location.

Steel: Steel is another important component of a building. So, you can expect to have quite a bit of steel waste when a building is demolished. Generally, steel frames are used to manage huge loads, roofing, outbuilding, and many other areas of construction. But to dispose of steel waste gathered through the destruction of a building, you would require a specialized hauling and construction debris removal company that can dump the construction steel waste in suitable construction waste disposal sites.

Timber/wood: Wood and timber are other popular types of junk that we get at the end of the demolition of a house. Usually, these are doors and unused furniture. Now, you cannot just dispose of these waste wooden items or wooden junk, since there are regulations across the US for disposal of construction waste, all the debris including wood /timer needs to be dumped at proper landfills. The demolition waste removal team from Haultail® comes in a mini pickup truck or a large truck, hauls wooden junk, and helps you get rid of it.

Metals: Metal waste is another type of waste that needs to be properly taken care of during the demolition waste clearing process. The scrap metal is usually very heavy and needs more than one person to handle it. When a building is demolished, you need to know the proper metal scrap removal procedure; however, if you do not, then you can create a job on the Haultail® app and our waste removal experts would then help you remove it. The metal scrap is then unloaded in a landfill dedicated to it.

To conclude, when you search for construction waste near me, remember that Haultail® services are always available near you. You just create a job on the Haultail® app. While creating a job, upload a photo during the “Add Item” step and you’ll receive a quote based on the amount of work. Then, one of our registered drivers with a suitable vehicle will visit and take care of it.

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