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Demand for Amazon virtual sellers grew 778% in the last 6 months: Here are 4 more in-demand freelance services


Despite challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, businesses have pivoted to meet changing demands and many new businesses have opened. In March, experts estimated that the economy was at 85% of where it was a year ago, and increased vaccinations and newly lifted restrictions have likely driven that number up since.

Yet as the economy strengthens, businesses are facing unexpected labor shortages. In March, the National Federation of Independent Business reported that a record-high percentage of small businesses had open jobs they couldn’t fill: 42%, compared to a 22% historical average since 1974. Over 90% of small-business owners surveyed said they had few or no qualified applicants for open roles.

At the moment, businesses “don’t necessarily have the people to be able to execute on their plans,” say Angelique Rewers, founder of The Corporate Agent, a consulting firm that helps small businesses land corporate clients. “So I think we’re going see a ton of opportunity for folks who can go in as independent consultants and service providers.”

Using data from millions of searches, freelance services site Fiverr rounded up the small business services that have seen significant increases in demand over the past six months, as compared to the previous six. These are “key services that are important for small businesses one year into the pandemic,” says a Fiverr spokesperson.

If you’re a seasoned contractor or are considering doing some freelance work, here are five services that are in high demand, according to Fiverr.

Google Analytics experts Experts in Google Analytics, a set of tools that lets users measure traffic to their websites, were some of the most-searched-for freelancers in the U.S. in the past six months, with searches up 283%.

Google Analytics experts on Fiverr offer services such as setting up tracking systems for clients, identifying traffic goals and key audiences, and checking referrals to other sites. They can command as much as $550 per package.

Business plan writer “Business plan writer” was also one of the fastest-growing Fiverr search terms in the U.S., with a 150% increase in demand.

Business plan writers on Fiverr help companies develop a business model and sales strategy, and conduct competitive analysis to lure investors or obtain a loan. Some charge as much as $1,500 per package.

Business card designer As in-person networking begins to return, entrepreneurs appear to be interested in updating their contact cards for potential encounters. Searches for “business card design” grew by 106% in the last six months, according to Fiverr.

Business card designers on the site offer packages including multiple card design options and unlimited revisions, with rates as high as $125 per package.

Amazon virtual assistant Nearly half, 45%, of retail and wholesale companies are creating more robust digital selling platforms as a result of the pandemic, according to a 2021 study by IBM. Amazon’s e-commerce platform can be an easy way to get started with selling products online, and Fiverr searches for the term “Amazon virtual assistant” grew 778% in the last six months.

Amazon virtual assistants on Fiverr offer services like product and keyword research, listing creation, implementing best SEO practices for a virtual store, creating shipment plans, and so on. Virtual assistants can take home as much as $495 per package.

Teespring promotion Teespring is another easy-to-use e-commerce platform, printing one-of-a-kind designs to order on everything from T-shirts to phone cases. The term “Teespring promotion” saw a 111% bump in searches over the last six months.

Marketing pros on Fiverr offer content-creation packages for social media and email, helping small businesses promote their products on sites like Teespring. Freelancers can earn as much as $35 per package.

To outshine the competition, ‘highlight past wins’ When creating a profile offering your professional services, make sure to “highlight past wins, focus on exactly what you can create, be clear on deliverables (what you’re doing for the services offered, and what you’re not doing), and determine what upsells you want to provide,” says Vix Reitano, founder of advertising agency Agency 6B. Reitano’s company, which is focused on advertising and content production for businesses, grew 84% in the first quarter of 2021.

“Outlining, strategizing, and consulting on the things you do well are all great ways to extend your offerings and increase your income,” she says.

This article was originally published by Gili Malinsky,

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