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Haultail® Garbage Collection Service Brooklyn NY

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NYC is one of the most popular cities in the United States and a lot of people from different parts of the world go there for employment. Sometimes population density becomes a problem because it leads to the accumulation of garbage at homes, streets, and other places.

To avoid such situations, the government has introduced different services which take care of cleanliness. Plus, there are many private companies taking care of the junk and helping Brooklyn residents.

Haultail® garbage disposal service is a leading garbage removal service catering to residential households and businesses.

Types of Garbage

There are many types of garbage present in homes and businesses. Common types are Kitchen garbage, garden trash, hazardous waste, building materials, electronics debris, etc. Let’s learn what each of these junk types includes:
  • Kitchen Garbage

Kitchen garbage basically includes leftover food, fruit peels, bread crumbs, paper plates, and cups, etc. It’s important to know that kitchen garbage affects the environment as it causes diseases.
  • Garden Trash

Garden trash includes twigs of trees and flowers, tree leaves, and branches. Garden trash can be used as a natural resource for gardening or making composts. You can dispose of it easily or send it for recycling.
  • Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste includes materials that can affect humans and the environment in a negative way. Some examples of hazardous waste are pharmaceuticals, cleaning chemicals, pesticides, mercury thermometers, and fluorescent light bulbs.

However, you need a dedicated hazardous waste disposal team to handle this type of waste.

  • Building Materials
Building materials include wood scraps, metal pieces like iron nails, and screws. These building materials can be recycled to reuse for construction purposes.
  • Electronics Debris
Electronics debris includes computers, cell phones, batteries, laptops, televisions sets/monitors/DVD players/VCRs, carton tubes (e.g., toilet paper rolls), microwaves ovens, printers /faxes/scanners, computer monitors ( flat-screen), stereos, CD players, GPS devices, radios, calculators, cameras, typewriters/fax machines/copiers.

For the removal of these many types of junk, there are two methods used by the companies – front-load collection trucks and rear-load collection trucks. Front-loaders pick up bigger pieces of waste than the later ones.

Haultail® junk removal experts come in all types of trash disposal vehicles, including the front-loaders and rear-loads. Each of these vehicles has a proper hook that can lift your garbage easily and dump it into the vehicle’s container.

Once a large enough container is full, it will be picked by Haultail® and we trash it based on your request––be it recycling or dumping in a dump yard––we do it whatever way you want.

How to Use Haultail® Garbage Collection Service in Brooklyn, NY

You can use Haultail® garbage collection services by creating garbage disposal on our app or by filling in the form on our website.

Our customer representatives are available 24/7 to answer your queries and solve any problems you may have. Whether it’s your home or office in Brooklyn NY, we take care of all types of junk removal jobs. Get started with Haultail® today.


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