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Haultail® Pick Up Service

flower delivery service

Are you looking for a helpful pick up service because you are either too busy or don’t have the time to get it done yourself? Haultail® is happy to offer a premium quality pick-up service so that you can keep on doing what you need to do without sacrificing your priorities.

Our pick-up service is available seven days a week, anytime between 6:00 am and 8:00 pm. And we serve anyone looking for an efficient and reliable pick-up and delivery service in the United States. 

You can request a pickup job online and by phone using our app.

3 Reasons to Choose the Haultail® Pick Up Service

1. Fast Turn Around Time:

The fastest way to get the item you need is through our pick-up and delivery service. We can have your items picked up within a couple of hours. Then, we will deliver them where you would like them dropped off promptly, in 4 hours mostly. Expedited deliveries happen in under 2 hours.

2. Reliability:

We work hard to ensure that our deliveries are without damage to the item. Our drivers are employed with us for their utmost care, loyalty, and responsibility. They are screened for their professional aptitudes, customer service abilities, and safe driving records. Our pick up service values our customers’ trust in us to handle their items with care.

3. We Offer Competitive Pricing: 

No matter what types of items you might need picked up or delivered, we can do it at an affordable price. We price match to make sure that our services are competitive on pricing.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Pick Up Service Options: 

We offer a variety of services, including but not limited to the following: 

a. House Hopping 

We will help you shift from one home to another quickly and efficiently with our credible pick up services. Just tell us where the items you need will be going, and we will pick them up from your old house and deliver them to your new one. 

b. Quick Pick-up Service

We offer fast pick up service from warehouses or office buildings that do not have enough time during a typical workday. We can coordinate a time that works best for everyone involved and pick up your items within just a few hours, allowing you to continue business as usual. 

c. Furniture Pick-ups 

Need a pick up service for your furniture? Let us help! Our team is well equipped and efficient enough to handle the pick-up and delivery of all types of furniture, including: 

Sofas, chairs, tables, dressers, cabinets, and more! 

d. Appliance Pick-ups 

Need that fridge or washer and dryer picked up? We can help you do that too.

f. Flower Delivery:

We know that a large part of our customer base operates flower shops, so we have a separate delivery service for those who need to move flowers from one place to another. We can offer our pick up service and deliver different flowers and supplies like vases or boxes.

g. Junk Pick Up Service:

Got some trash or junk that needs to be removed from your home or business? Let us make the process of removing it simple for you. Our professional and dedicated team can pick up your items and remove them from your property, connecting with a recycling center quickly. While they are doing that, we will ensure that the place is kept clean and tidy for you.

Key Haultail® Pick Up Service Features

There are many vital features to the Haultail® pick up service. By using our services, you are getting access to a team of professional and friendly drivers who will make every part of your pick-up process simple.

To learn more about what makes this service so popular, read more…

Real-time tracking:  

Tracking the progress of your items is a great way to see how close they are to arriving at their destination. We understand that this can be helpful for you, so we provide real-time tracking to keep you informed throughout the process.

24/7 Customer Support: 

Let’s face it when shifting items from one place to another; complications can arise. Our customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if any added issues or problems occur when you need us most. Anytime you have a question, our pick up service will be there to answer it for you. 

Courteous Drivers: 

The drivers we use are the most courteous and professional in our industry. They will treat your items with care and respect, always ensuring they do not get damaged along the way.

Easy, Free Quotes: 

Getting a free quote for your pick-up order is quick and easy. All you need to do is enter the relevant information on our app, like your zip code and the number of items you need us to pick up, and we will send you a pick up service quote within just a few minutes. This is a straightforward way that makes getting an estimate easy for our customers.

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