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How Small U.S. Retailers Are Scrambling to Get Online

How Small U.S. Retailers Are Scrambling to Get Online

Product Delivery

Consumer shopping behavior is changing faster than ever. People these days want to purchase from the comfort of their living room and have their items delivered to their doorstep. Even the retailers these days want to adopt new models that can help them cater to the growing demand for home delivery among customers. From curbside pickup, same-day home delivery, to buy online, store order pickup  (BOPIS), they are experimenting with all types of delivery models.

According to a report by Harvard Business Review, curbside pickup jumped to 44% and other models are also gaining popularity among the buyers. Therefore, many brands that avoid E-Commerce are rushing to establish their own online stores. But, most of these stores are struggling to create an efficient and cost-effective distribution and delivery network. While setting up an eCommerce store seems to be easy, most of them still do not know the nitty-gritty of managing the logistical side of it. And, there are other challenges too.

Few challenges that retailers are facing:

  • Increased Costs: Services like curbside delivery or on-demand delivery seem to be adding costs to the retailers’ existing costs. The costs include the salaries of employees, gas, vehicle maintenance, etc.
  • Lack of Technical Expertise: Apart from the growing costs, these traditional brick and mortar stores are also struggling to create, manage and upgrade their websites. Since most of the local retail stores lack technical expertise, they are relying on external web developers. But that’s not helping completely either because having a smooth website requires an in-house technical team and management.
  • Maintaining Loyal Customer Relationship:  For these stores, it was easy to talk to customers personally and build a relationship previously. However, when they buy products online and get the product’s home delivery, the store owners are no longer able to engage with them like before. And, that is costing them the most important business asset – loyal customer relationship.
These are a few of the many challenges that retail stores are battling to remain relevant. However, overcoming such obstacles is not easy either.

Having said that, some of them indulged in partnerships with an expert same-day pickup and delivery app like Haultail® to ease their logistics difficulties.

If you are a retailer trying to go online, then you can reach out to Haultail®. We will take care of your product delivery with ease!

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