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Mattress Disposal San Jose

how to dispose of a used mattress in san Jose

Are you a San Jose resident looking for mattress disposal? Haultail® offers quality mattress disposal San Jose services. We are the only local mattress disposal company that doesn’t simply throw your mattress away, but instead offers an environmentally friendly option for recycling materials.

Removing a mattress could be a very difficult and time-consuming process if you don’t have the proper tools. Mattresses are very heavy because of the dense materials used, and many mattresses include metal components that can cause serious injury when mishandled.

When Do You Know That You Need to Dispose of Your Mattress?

There are a few signs that indicate your mattress may need to be disposed of. For example, if there is evidence of bed bugs or other pests living on or inside the mattress itself, don’t hesitate – get rid of the mattress as quickly as possible before these insects spread throughout your home. Some common problems in an old mattress are:
  • Sagging – this is a common problem as mattresses wear down over time. If you notice your mattress sagging to the point where it is uncomfortable to sleep on, then it is  definitely time to think about disposal
  • Lumps – if you notice a bump or lump in your mattress, this is most likely caused by bedbugs or other pests. In addition to being an uncomfortable surface to lie on, the infestation could spread throughout your home as well as to other homes if it isn’t contained
  • Odors – unfortunately, mattresses contain materials that can smell bad after a long period of time. So bad odor is a common problem in an old mattress
  • Hammocking – if your mattress is no longer tightly secured to the bed frame, it may begin to sag in the middle, causing it to “hammock.” While this doesn’t necessarily hurt or damage your mattress, it can cause problems for you
  • Noisy springs – if you notice that your mattress is beginning to squeak when you turn in bed or move around, this may be a sign that the springs are starting to wear out
  • Coils beginning to show – coils in your mattress starting to show
There are 5-6 options you can take when you decide to dispose of your mattress in San Jose:

Option#1: Sell it to a used furniture store

There are many used furniture stores that will purchase your mattress on the spot for cash. If your mattress is still in good condition, this option would work well for you

Option #2: Sell it to Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace

There are quite a few of these options available nowadays if you want to reduce the hassle of trying to sell an old mattress yourself. Just make sure that you inspect the surface of the mattress carefully before accepting an offer. You don’t want to buy a new mattress if it contains bed bugs or other pests

Option #3: Donate your old mattress

This is very possible, especially with major brands like Casper and Ikea, who are trying to minimize their carbon footprint. However, you should check with your city and county regulations first before making the donation to avoid fines and other penalties

Option #4: Return it to the store where you bought it

Many mattress stores will accept returns on old mattresses – just make sure that you don’t have any bed bugs or pests living there beforehand

Option #5: Recycle it

This is the option that you can use. With Haultail® mattress disposal in San Jose, you can be sure that your mattress can be sent to recycling centers where they will be made into new products for other consumers. This is a great choice if you want to do your part in protecting the environment.

Common Challenges of Mattress Removal in San Jose

One of the biggest challenges related to mattress removal in San Jose is handling the bulky size of mattresses. Many people who have a problem with mattress disposal have these items take up valuable space in their homes without any options for disposal.

In areas like parking garages or busy streets, this can create a huge inconvenience and potentially even be dangerous.

In many cities, you cannot simply place the mattress on the curb to be picked up by trash collectors because there are strict health regulations about disposing of mattresses in this way.

Even if you owned a large truck that could accommodate your old mattress, you would need to attach a “haul-away” note to let sanitation workers know that you intend to hire them for special pick-up service rather than putting it out yourself.

Haultail® Mattress Disposal in San Jose

Haultail® offers mattress disposal San Jose services that will be done safely and efficiently by local junk disposal experts. All mattress disposal San Jose services provided by Haultail® meet or exceed environmental standards set forth by state and federal guidelines for recycling household hazardous waste.

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