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The Aftermath of Hurricane Ida

The Aftermath of Hurricane Ida

after storm cleanup

This year’s Hurricane Ida proved to be one of the most devastating hurricanes in modern history. Though it looked relatively harmless when it first made landfall in Alabama, the storm quickly intensified over land and brought record-breaking rainfall that caused widespread flooding all along the Gulf Coast. The damage to New Orleans alone was estimated to be in billions.

Hurricane veterans were stunned by Ida. “It’s never been as bad as it is this time,” said Jesse Touro, who was rescued from Jean Lafitte after riding out storms in town for the past 12 years.

As hundreds of thousands of people in Louisiana faced the prospect of punishingly hot weeks ahead without electricity, officials have urged those who had fled before the onslaught of Hurricane Ida to stay away indefinitely as the long slog of recovery begins.

The 26-year-old resident of Dulac, Louisiana, is now living out of his car with his girlfriend after Ida roared ashore a week ago, splintering homes in its path. Now he does not know what is next.

On Saturday, Dulac collected a container of red beans and rice from volunteers in nearby Houma who handed out ice, water, and meals to shell-shocked storm survivors. He stopped to eat in his car, its windshield shattered.

“Next stop, I don’t really …” he said, trailing off. “We’ve just been living day by day.”

Both Dulac and Houma are in Terrebonne Parish, among the hardest-hit areas of Louisiana battered to an unprecedented degree by Ida. Though Louisiana’s largest electric utility, Entergy, estimates most residents in New Orleans will have power by Wednesday, recovery efforts outside the city could be a much longer slog.

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Image source: Emily Kask for The New York Times

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