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The Only Summer Cleaning Checklist You Need

clean your home

Want to clear your home this summer? This is the only checklist you need to do it efficiently.

If you want to get the most out of summer cleaning, the first thing you should do is make a list. A list of tasks needed for summer cleaning, that is! The following checklist can help get your house neat and clean in no time. 

1. Dusty Surfaces First

Take care of any dusty surfaces like over-the-mantel mirrors and windows. This makes it easy for you to clean the rest of the house.

2. Vacuum Everything Next

Vacuum everything from flat surfaces like floors, upholstery and stairs, to corner and ceiling areas. You can also vacuum curtains and blind fixtures as well hidden spaces like your bookshelves.

3. Wash those Sheets Afterwards 

Make sure you wash the sheets and towels! Clean bedding sets the tone for everything else.

4. Clean that Toilet then 

Clean that toilet and give your bathroom a good scrub down. With all those handprints out of the way, it’ll be so much easier to clean up any messes you don’t get to right away when you finish your bathroom clean-up.

5. Declutter Everything

The next step is to declutter everything from your desk and kitchen counters, to that junk drawer you just can’t part with. Make sure all the clutter is out of the way so you can keep cleaning without interruptions.

6. Give Your Indoor Plants A Makeover 

Then, give your indoor plants a makeover. For those without green thumbs, this makes for the perfect opportunity to enlist someone else.

7. Clear The Air 

Once you’re done with indoor plants, it’s time to clear the air. Clean your surfaces and wipe down any fingerprints, smudges from doorknobs, and light switches. Use an anti-bacterial spray to get rid of stinky odors in bathrooms too!

8. Vacuum Again 

After all that decluttering and laundry picking, it’s time to get out the vacuum again and give your home a good once over.

9. Repeat If Needed 

And if the summer cleaning didn’t go so well, you can always repeat any of the above steps to get a fresh start again. Don’t ever feel bad about repeating—that’s what makes summer cleaning.

So, once your home is cleaned, how do you dispose of it? Well, you use DemoBags®, the perfect contractor bags, to carry the junk and discard it with the help of Haultail® junk removal service. 

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