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Waste Management 101 for Small Businesses

Waste Management 101 for Small Businesses

manage waste efficiently at office

Are you running a small business looking to manage waste at your office? 


If so, there are a number of waste management tips available to help you become organized and efficient.

Here are some valuable tips for small businesses looking to manage their waste: 


  1. Develop a waste management plan If you already have a business, then it’s likely that you have a waste management plan in place. But if your business is not yet established it is important to develop a comprehensive plan that identifies the type of waste you will be dealing with, where you or your service providers are going to store and dispose of waste, and what should happen in case of emergencies. 
  1. Remove single-use plastic cups, plates, and cutlery from your office. Because they’re not recyclable, you shouldn’t be using these in the first place. Opting for reusable cups, plates, and cutlery is an easy way to reduce your office’s waste production on a daily basis. 
  1. Train employees, often on managing waste and communicating to them the company policies. This helps in maintaining the cleanliness of your office. At the end of the day, it will be managed by people so awareness is necessary.
  1. Communicate waste goals to your customers so that they can help you in better waste management. For example, if you have visitors at your store or company, educate them about your waste management policies. If you have dedicated bins for specific types of trash, request them to use the bins appropriately.
  1. Donate surplus or unwanted items to charities. Old rolling chairs, desks, and tables can be donated to non-profit organizations looking for furniture items. You should also consider donating old office supplies that you don’t need anymore, like cables, wires, extension cords, etc. It’s always better to donate than to dump items in dump yards.
  1. Avoid printing as much as possible. Make sure that the documents you print are meant to be printed. Set up your printer so it only prints double-sided pages and uses smaller fonts on the documents. In short, create a culture of printing only when necessary in your workplace.

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