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4 Ways Technology is Changing Waste Management

4 Ways Technology is Changing Waste Management

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How Technology Is Changing Waste Management Industry

Technology is rapidly evolving and so it is changing every single aspect of our day-to-day life. Waste Management is one area where technological innovations are making a huge difference.

Here are 4 ways in which technology is changing waste management.

1) Sorting Waste at Source: 

Manual garbage collection is being replaced with automated technologies that sort waste before collection. This way, recyclable waste gets separated from non-recyclables and different types of recyclables get separated from each other, thus increasing the recovery rate. There are many companies that create waste sorting machines to make the job easier. These machines are easy to use, time-efficient, and are extremely reliable when it comes to sorting different types of waste.

2) Collection: 

The waste collection truck is being replaced by a smaller, more efficient waste collection vehicle on the street. This helps in reducing on-road operational costs and greenhouse gas emissions. For example, these small trucks on the road are automated waste collection vehicles that can reduce the number of trips made by a traditional garbage collection truck.

3) Waste Disposal

Many innovative ways have been implemented to reduce waste output and thus reduce overall generation. And, technology is playing a huge role in it. Smart bins, for example, send an alert to waste collection trucks when they are full via sensors placed within the bin. This way, garbage trucks can empty them only when required. Also, smart bins record how much waste has been generated so far and estimate the time it will take for the bin to fill up completely.

4) Smart Data Analytics: 

While the above-mentioned technologies are slowly changing how waste management works, smart data analytics is what will change waste management completely. The information collected by automated waste collection vehicles and smart bins, for example, which includes the amount of waste generated every day and its composition can be used to create reports that estimate how much landfill space is required, the amount of energy required to process each kind of material and which areas need improved waste collection services. This kind of data is extremely valuable for people trying to manage waste.

Haultail® Waste Disposal Services

Haultail® junk removal services offer comprehensive waste management solutions. We offer services across the U.S via our mobile app (built using ride-sharing technology). Our vision is to make life simpler for customers and cities through a better waste collection & disposal service.

We heavily rely on technologies including real-time tracking, easy junk removal job creation on the app to make the process smoother for all our customers. Do contact us if you have any queries about Haultail® waste disposal services or would like to know how we can help your city. We’d love to hear from you!


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