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Understanding the Contractor Trash Bag Thickness

Understanding the Contractor Trash Bag Thickness

Contractor Bags

Want to know about cheap contractor trash bags? Read here.

Contractor bags are nothing but cheap trash bags commonly seen in public areas such as the construction industry, junk removal businesses, and hauling and debris disposal services.

They have a variety of forms depending on material and manufacturer, however, its thickness varies determining the strength of the bags. Some say that the thicker the bag is, the stronger and more durable it is, but there are also those who say that very thin contractor bags are also strong. But that totally depends on the material. 

The following will explain the advantages and disadvantages of both very thin to thick contractor bags, as well as their suitable uses.

Very Thin Cheap Contractor Bags

A very thin contractor bag is used for items that are not exposed to much wear and tear such as packed lunch or other packed belongings that have a soft texture. They are also used for items such as towels and so on. Since the quality of such a bag is easy to see through, it is not used when there are many people in a tight space. These cheap trash bags are also used for day-to-day household trash disposal.

Thick Contractor Bag

A thick cheap contractor trash bag is used to protect goods that may get damaged easily because of their texture and material, such as stuffed animals and goods. It is also used for goods that are packed in a large quantity, such as junk, clothes, shoes, etc.

Thickness also determines the strength of the bag, meaning thicker bags handle junk, sharp objects better. And, it can be used more roughly. In addition, bags with strong adhesion power will make for a better bag as it is used to hold packed items tightly together, especially for junk removal purposes or if you want to haul junk near you.

Demo Bags® – The Best Contractor Bags in the Market

Demo Bags® are the most reliable contractor trash bag that just work. It is tested at 8 mil thickness and is about 7 mils thick. The thickest for any contractor bag. Demo Bags® is waterproof and virtually tear-resistant. The bags are heavy-duty trash bags and are created with a recyclable material called polypropylene. The material makes the Demo Bags® stand out from the rest and is so much stronger than regular contractor trash bags.

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