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A Guide to Getting the Best Tote Bags

A Guide to Getting the Best Tote Bags

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An easy guide to purchasing the perfect tote bags!

What are Tote Bags?

Tote Bags are large bags that are used for carrying items while shopping or for storage. The word Tote is believed to have come from the word “Tot”, which means to carry in the late 1800s. Shopkeepers used to put their wares in trays and would go around town selling them. Customers would order them by calling out, ‘Tote that tray’. Tote came to mean the bag attached to the tray.

What are Other Names for Tote Bags?

Tote bags have many other names, including Shopper bags, Market Totes, Carryall Bags, and Shopping Bags. It is also sometimes referred to as a Sack. They can be made from various materials, such as paper, vinyl, fabric, and leather. Some people even call them junk removal bags

Where to Buy Tote Bags?

You can buy Tote bags from a variety of places, including supermarkets, department stores, convenience stores, stationery shops, and online retailers. There are also many eCommerce sites that specialize in selling different types of Tote bags.

How to Choose a Good Tote Bag?

When choosing a Tote bag, you need to consider the price, durability, and comfort. You should be looking for bags that are made from durable fabric, have sturdy stitching and zippers that do not easily break or snap off. Since it is going to be used for carrying heavy items, it should be comfortable and have a firm base that does not sag.

The Different Sizes of Tote Bags

Tote bags can be divided into two main categories – standard and extra-large. Standard tote bags are usually large enough to carry everyday items such as a handbag, wallet, water bottle, umbrella, and cell phone. Extra-large tote bags are usually used for holding items such as beach towels, books, large quantities of clothes, etc.

What is a GMS for a Tote Bag?

A GMS means grams per meter squared. In order to calculate the GMS, you need to know the dimensions of your Tote bag in centimeters or inches. It will basically give you the capacity of each tote bag.

Can You Use Tote Bags for Junk Removal?

Well, it actually depends on the material used for Tote Bags, but it does help in basic junk removal. If you want to do heavy-duty junk removal, then you need to use Demo Bags® – the cheap contractor trash bags.

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