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Haultail® Mattress Removal Services

Haultail® Mattress Removal Services

dispose of mattresses

Get the most affordable and reliable mattress removal services in your town!

What is Mattress Removal?

We all replace our mattresses once in a while. It may be after hitting the five-year mark and deciding to invest in a nicer one (you know who you are!), or maybe because your old one has gotten irreparably stained and is causing an allergy. However, there comes a time when we all have to say goodbye to that old familiar mattress. But, it could be challenging to remove an old mattress since it is bulky and cumbersome.

While it’s easy to buy a new one from the market, hard to bring it home and also to remove the old one. But, not when you have Haultail® by your side. Haultail® has the right solution for your mattress disposal needs with Mattress Removal Services.

Mattress Removal vs. Mattress Recycling

At one point or another, we all go through the dilemma of whether to throw away our old mattresses and buy a new one or recycle them. Both options come with some cons as well as pros. Recycling is a responsible option but it could be pricey and time-consuming.

On the other hand, throwing away an old mattress is not only unkind to Mother Nature –it can be dangerous too – because mattresses normally contain fire-retardant chemicals and materials which could pollute our earth if it is not recycled properly.

To tackle these problems, Haultail® has come up with an easy solution for your mattress disposal needs by offering a mattress disposal service. Whether you want to completely dump it or you need it recycled, we are here to help.

Can You Donate a Mattress?

Yes, if your mattress is still in good condition, you can donate it to people in need or charity organizations. Mattresses are often used by the homeless community when no shelter is available. Many charities would be glad to receive your old mattress and put it to good use. When looking for a donation center, make sure that they accept it and can take care of minor repairs if required.

What Parts of a Mattress Can Be Recycled?

Mattress recycling is not a new concept; it has been in the market for years. The basic idea behind mattress recycling is to break them down into their original components like foam, conical springs, polyester fiber, etc., and then recycling the parts individually.

Let’s see what parts of mattresses can be recycled:

  • The cotton or wool that is used in mattresses can be recycled into the fabric it originally came from, such as bedding to clothing.
  • Rubber and latex rubber can be processed into mats and other sports equipment, floorings, tiles for roofing, tubing materials for the plumbing industry, etc.
  • Polyurethane foam can be broken down and used as a fuel to produce energy. It is not 100% efficient but it’s better than having the polyurethane foam lying around in a landfill.
  • Foam can also be shredded into absorbents like yoga mats, shoe insoles, medical sponges, etc.
  • Upholstery materials can be shredded and used in various products like sound insulation for cars etc.

How to Send Your Mattress for Recycling

The first step is to contact your local mattress recycling center and ask them if they pick up from homes with no fees or just drop-off centers with small fees.

Since most recycling centers apply a fee for taking away old mattresses, it is advisable to contact several centers near you before choosing one. Also, check the average price across different recycling centers to ensure that you don’t get ripped off.

Finally, choose a recycling center and make arrangements with them when they can receive the mattress. If they do not or cannot collect it from home or charge a hefty fee for pickup, then reach out to an affordable mattress disposal service like Haultail®. Our pro drivers will come in a pickup truck and haul away your mattress and other unwanted items like couches, headboards, and box springs. 

How to Choose the Best Mattress Removal Services

When you’re looking to contact a professional mattress removal service provider, it’s important to keep in mind the following tips:
  • Budget: One of the most important factors while choosing a mattress disposal company is pricing. Estimate how much you will be spending and compare that with your budget to choose a company that falls within your price range and expectations.
  • Professionalism and experience: Experience matters when it comes to handling mattresses recycling or disposal. Professional, clean-cut experts will be more thorough in their job compared to inexperienced people.
  • Environmental concerns: If you are not only looking at the money aspect but also concerned about tiny responsible steps for taking care of our environment, then choose a company that is Eco-friendly too.
  • Timely Pickup:  For people who are looking for affordable mattress disposal, then choose companies that offer same-day or next-day pickup.
Haultail® offers a mattress disposal service that is in your budget, deals with you professionally and is environmentally conscious.

Mattress Recycling – Frequently Asked Questions

How does Haultail® mattress disposal service work?

You can book the mattress disposal job at your convenience by either downloading our free Haultail® app or directly from our website. We’ll send you a quote and schedule the pickup for your mattress by one of our professional, insured drivers across the U.S.

How much does it cost for mattress disposal?

Well, the cost of removing the mattress is usually dependent on the size of your mattress and what you need to do. For example, it may differ if it needs to be donated to a nearby donation point and may cost extra if it is to be sent for recycling at a distant recycling center.

Haultail® Mattress Removal Service

Haultail® is a full-service junk removal company dedicated to making it easy for you to get rid of all types of trash including mattresses. We offer junk removal services for residential homes, office spaces, or even entire buildings. Haultail® also provides same-day pickup and delivery, courier delivery, and urgent delivery services.

We cover all kinds of old mattresses with stains or odors, broken mattresses, or even new mattresses waiting for their turn on the bedding assembly line. We provide local mattress removal services throughout the United States. Our trained professionals will make the process quick and easy, leaving you with great results.

Creating a Mattress Removal Job on the Haultail® App

Booking a mattress pickup job on the Haultail® app is simple. Just follow these 3 steps:
  1. Download our app from Google Play or Apple Store and create a free account.
  2. Schedule a pickup during regular business hours, receiving an estimated price quote in advance over the app itself.
  3. Get a reminder of all of your upcoming and completed jobs through the app.
The drivers would pick it up on schedule and take it away without any further hassle.

Haultail® works to provide you with a convenient, affordable mattress recycling service so that you can get back to your daily routine without the worry of having to deal with this item.

Download our app today.

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