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Are Trash & Recycling Picked Up on Labor Day 2019?


Labor Day 2019 falls on Monday, September 2. The national holiday means no work and a three-day weekend for many Americans, and is recognized by most as the last real opportunity to celebrate the summer. As a result, there are a number of businesses that will be closed in observance of Labor Day, including schools, banks, mail delivery, and the stock market. So, is garbage pick-up included on that list of businesses closed on Labor Day 2019, or will they be open to provide service?

Although trash pick-up schedules are dependent on your location, it appears that many garbage disposal companies will not be operating on the Monday holiday. Which means, if you’re having a Labor Day party or barbeque, be prepared for delays in trash and recycling pick-up until after the holiday has passed and plan accordingly.

According to the website, Waste Management will not offer service in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan for the Labor Day holiday. The site says that, for residential pick-up, “In observance of the Labor Day holiday, our offices will be closed on Monday, September 2. All services for the holiday week will be delayed one day. If your service day is on Friday, you will be picked up on Saturday for that week only. We hope you have a safe and happy holiday.” Commercial pick-up will also be suspended for the holiday, but they add “We may reroute our trucks where necessary to ensure all of our customers are serviced that week up to and including Saturday if needed.”

The Department of Sanitation for New York City says that there will be no trash collection on the Labor Day holiday. They advise to “hold your recyclables until your next collection day” and to “Set out your trash and organics after 4 pm on the evening of the holiday, for collection beginning the next day. Collection may occur earlier or later than the usual time.”

Waste Pro USA is another garbage and recycling pick-up business operating on a Labor Day holiday schedule. For example, they advertise on their website that, in Leon County, “residential collection shall not be provided” on Labor Day; “for the week in which a holiday occurs, collection shall be one day following the normally scheduled collection day for all days of the week.”

No matter where you live, if trash and recycling pick-up is a concern for you on Labor Day, you should definitely check with your local pick-up service (online or over the phone) to see if they will be open or closed on the holiday.

It is also worth noting that in areas impacted by or in the path of Hurricane Dorian, garbage and recycling pick-up service might be altered or suspended while the hurricane passes. Waste Management‘s active weather and service updates list Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia as the states with revised service plans while Dorian remains a threat.

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