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camper vans

With builds like the Jabiru and Trakkadu 450 S, Trakka offers some of the most rugged, clever camper vans in all of Australia. Now it’s putting its expertise into mobile offices that double as efficiency apartments. The first of the line, the Buro Kamp ORP, packages a solar-backed electrical system, functional work space and office-style amenities to become the ultimate solution for traveling salesmen, marketing teams and other 9-to-5 nomads.


More than a new model, the Buro Kamp represents the start of Trakka expanding out from camper vans and motorhomes into special purpose vehicles (SPV). The Buro Kamp itself has been custom-built for Volkswagen Australia Commercial Vehicles, which was looking for a functional work van/display vehicle for events.




Obviously the van had to be a Volkswagen, and Trakka selected the spacious 6-m (19.7-ft) Crafter for this build, working the spacious cabin into a combination of work space and mobile living. Since Volkswagen wanted off-road capabilities, Trakka went with the 4Motion AWD Crafter, upgrading it with a locking rear differential. That differential locker is part of the Off Road Pak that also includes five 17-in wheels shod in 245/70 R17 tires, along with a suspension lift, underbody protection and a snorkel from Seikel.


The Buro Kamp isn’t exactly a camper van, but in its mission to support traveling professionals, it does include a number of camper van features. That starts with a rear transverse bed for overnighters and power naps and a compact kitchenette with a simple, office-style combination of microwave, 50L fridge/freezer, water filtration system and sink. The kitchen is perfect for grabbing a cold drink and nuking a breakfast burrito or lunch leftovers, but it lacks the stove and dedicated counter space of a more complete camper van kitchen.



The Buro Kamp takes a sharp turn away from camper van design with the central cabinet unit that stretches clean across the driver-side sliding door. This creates a vendor-like window that the business can use to hand out information or operate a sales counter. The cabinet includes plenty of drawer space and a worktop that can be used as a desk or food-prep space.


Further creating a flexible, functional workspace, the removable multi-position table attaches to the cabinet and creates a desk/conference table for use with the driver cab swivel seats. There’s no built-in vis-à-vis seating, but the table can be used with portable folding chairs, as shown below. It can also be set up outside for working or dining below the awning.




To keep smartphones, laptops and other critical devices firing, Trakka adds a full power system with a 200-Ah lithium battery and 200-W solar charging. A series of 240V, 12V and USB outlets are available for plugging in.


The foldaway rear bed design allows travelers to easily open up the load area, perfect for carrying boxes of brochures, signs, exhibition booth hardware and other tools of the traveling trade.


Other Buro Kamp equipment includes a 50L fresh water tank, 30L gray water tank, overhead storage lockers, thermal insulation, dual outdoor awnings, LED indoor and outdoor lighting, window blinds and screens, and a command center. The base Crafter brings along a 174-hp 2.0-liter turbo-diesel engine, eight-speed automatic transmission, 8-in touchscreen infotainment system, rear-view camera, and driver assistance tech like front assist with city emergency braking, driver fatigue detection and crosswind assist.



Given that the special project vehicles are built-to-order, Trakka is keeping them “price on application” for now. It’ll work closely with each client to identify just the right layout and equipment package. Available options include a connectivity suite with GSM antenna and iPad holder, diesel heating, camping chairs and air conditioning.


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