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Use Demo Bags® – Save The Environment & Trash Out with Ease!

Contractor Bags

Use Demo Bags® – Save The Environment & Trash Out with Ease!

When it comes to woven contractor bags being reliable and environmentally friendly, Demo Bags® are the best.

When you think of buying contractor bags, it’s rare to get both – “eco-friendliness and quality.” Not with Demo Bags® though! The bags are custom designed and are made up of 100% recycled bottles ensuring that the ecology is not impacted. 

How Does Using Recyclable Bottles Make a Difference?

As per United Nations sources, every minute, consumers purchase 1 million plastic bottles across the world. And, it is extremely important to recycle these bottles to safeguard the environment. By being an eco-friendly organization and using recyclable plastic to manufacture these bags, we are doing our bit. Well, it does not make a game-changing impact on global warming, but it does play its part, and every single effort counts.

How Are Woven Contractor Demo Bags® Built?

How Are Woven Contractor Demo Bags® Built? Demo Bags® are built using a patented material that goes through a rigorous manufacturing process that makes it: 
  • 3X Stronger than Other Bags: The 100% Reclaimable Poly-Woven Plastic Fiber makes these bags thrice as strong and allows the bags to hold junk better. Plus, these bags do not get torn or ripped open as easily as the other bags.
  • 3-5 Times Reusable: Imagine using a contractor bag multiple times? How much money would it save you? The same Poly-Woven Plastic Fiber provides the durability required to be used 3-5 times while also protecting mother nature. The more times a particular bag is reused, the fewer new bags would be needed.
  • 100% Eco-Friendly: These bags can be disposed of easily and recycled for other purposes once they serve the need. That means these bags are 100% ecologically safe.

Buy Demo Bags® at Discounted Rates

Buy Demo Bags® at Discounted Rates So, what are you waiting for? Demo Bags® are Recyclable and Environmentally Friendly.  These are also the strongest contractor trash bags used for hauling heavy-duty construction debris, and other junk removal purposes. The bags are available in different sizes for hauling different hauling needs; you can purchase according to your requirement. The Award-Winning Success Rate of These Bags Makes It The Best in The Market. Hurry Up Now Before Time is Gone. Demo Bags® are in Demand!

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