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Using Haultail® to Process Delivery from Stores:

Delivery and Junk Removal Service Made More Simple

delivery service

Haultail® has made junk removal, pickup, and delivery more simple for you!

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s important to choose a pickup and delivery service provider that suits your end-to-end requirement. Because not every business that you hire for your junk removal or delivery covers everything. However, with Haultail®, you get the simplest yet most comprehensive trash disposal and delivery service in the industry.  From picking up your trash, courier to disposing of construction debris, Haultail® does all with its mobile app. And does it in an easy way. To learn how easy it is to use the mobile app for different types of tasks, go through these steps: 

1. Using Haultail® to Process Delivery from Stores:

Our app is extremely user-friendly. So to order a pickup and delivery from a retailer, follow the below steps:
  • Download the mobile app
  • Create your account
  • Create a job
  • Wait for the driver to pick your item from the store and deliver it
  • Track in real-time

2. Courier New or Used Items Locally: 

To courier a small item or large item locally, just follow the below-mentioned steps on the app:
  • Click on pickup or delivery my items
  • Click on create a job
  • Select new or used general items
  • Choose the size of the item
  • Select the time
  • Add items that you want to courier (with a photo)
  • Adding second or third items that you may have
  • Provide your pick up address and communicate with the driver
That’s about it! Your item (new or old) will be couriered to an appropriate destination. Watch more here:

3. Get Construction Junk or Debris Picked Up Removed from Your Home

Finally, to remove construction junk or debris from your home, this is the process
  • Create a job
  • Select junk & debris
  • Select a schedule
  • Provide your address
  • Add items
  • Select the type of bag and select the type of junk
  • Add other products you want to
Watch more here:

Decide on the Same Day Pickup and Delivery Today!

These are some of the easiest ways to use Haultail® service for all types of pick up and delivery. Download the app now and use our service today!

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