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Difference Between Last Mile, Middle Mile, Urgent Delivery

Difference Between Last Mile, Middle Mile, Urgent Delivery


Do you know the difference between last-mile delivery, middle-mile delivery, and urgent delivery?

What is Last-Mile Delivery?

Last-mile delivery is a type of courier service that provides fulfillment to the consumer’s door or gate. It is also known as “final connection” because it completes the journey from the central warehouse or depot to the customer.

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Last-Mile Delivery uses small trucks, wagons, and other light vehicles that can load only a few hundred pounds. Most providers of this type of delivery are small companies that are able to provide special services.

What is Urgent Delivery?


Urgent Delivery is a courier service that provides time-sensitive documents, parcels, and other types of packages. It guarantees their quick, safe and secure delivery. When you use an urgent delivery service you can get a shipment delivered directly to the addressee within one or two hours or a maximum of four hours.

What is Middle Mile Delivery?

Middle-mile delivery generally refers to the transport of goods from a factory to a warehouse, distribution center, consolidation point, or ship terminal via a semi-truck.

When a semi-truck initially leaves a factory, it is at 100% capacity. However, every time the truck passes a warehouse or distribution center, its load decreases until it is empty when it reaches its final destination for unloading.

Middle-mile deliveries are generally contracted by manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers for short or medium-haul distances. For long-haul routes, outbound logistics providers usually use dedicated fleets to fill semi-trailers in the originating location.

Haultail® Same Day Pickup and Delivery Service

Haultail® same-day delivery services offer outstanding same-day commercial and non-commercial delivery of your products locally. Whether it is needed tomorrow or just-in-time – we have you covered.

Our B2B customers choose Haultail® because they recognize that time is money and by using our service, they can expand their service offering while reducing overall costs. While non-commercial customers rely on Haultail® for those one-off deliveries, they can expect an experience that is efficient, professional, and dependable. 

We accommodate their needs with the same degree of service as we deal with our B2B customers. Essentially our mantra is no order too big; no order too small. So, if you want to expand your sales with faster, secure home deliveries or you want to have an on-demand delivery at your fingertips, Haultail® is here!

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