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Dramatic shift from wet to dry climate could have caused crop failure in Neo-Assyrian empire The Neo-Assyrian empire was a mighty superpower that dominated the near east for 300 years before its dramatic collapse. Now researchers say they have a novel theory for what was behind its rise and fall: climate change. The empire emerged read more
By Linda Stewart From online reviews to satellite measurements, technology continues to disrupt the traditional way contractors do business. But many contractors remain in the dark about one of the biggest technology disruptions heading their way: drones. In fact, one in 10 companies with revenues of $50 million or more already use drones, according to read more
By Linda Stewart Brass is a popular material for household furniture and accessories. Over time, though, brass tarnishes and loses its warm gleam. You can make it shiny and bright again with our guide on how to clean brass. Before cleaning, check to see if your item is solid brass, or brass-plated. Do this by grabbing a refrigerator magnet and placing it on the piece. Magnets don’t stick to solid brass, so if the read more
By Linda Stewart As Election Day nears, state and local officials should take a serious look at what can realistically be achieved before setting future recycling goals. Election Day is little more than two months away. While waste and recycling haven’t been big issues in this election, I expect to see more than the normal read more
By Linda Stewart Americans are using more water every year. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average family uses 320 gallons of water per day and that could swell up to 1,000 gallons in the summer. Fortunately, there is an effortless way to reduce our water footprint and water bills. Rain barrels read more
By Linda Stewart The task of refurbishing and restoring old and used furniture and other home accent items is sometimes harder than what you expect. Instead of being caught in a chaotic or dangerous situation, keep the following in mind while you prepare to start the refurbishing process. Do Your Research Before you even break read more