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Weekly “plastic bag protests” are popping up in front of Publix supermarkets all around the state. Ostensibly, they’re about banning plastic grocery bags; a deeper look reveals the latest chapter in the “Home Rule” battle. “I’m definitely pretty pissed off about it,” says Lisa Merritt, who participated in the kickoff protest on Jan. 11 at read more
By Linda Stewart Even if you do all your shopping with reusable bags, you’re going to end up with a bunch of plastic. Your bread comes in it, your toilet paper, your organic carrots and non-GMO freekeh from the bulk bin and no, it can’t be recycled with your bottles and cans. The same goes read more
By Linda Stewart Despite the destruction caused by a massive fire on Friday night at North Davidson Garbage and Recycling Center, Bradley Everhart, co-owner of, said they will carry on. “It will be business as usual on Monday,” Everhart said. “Recycling and trash will be picked up, it might be a little later than usual. read more
By Linda Stewart Just when you thought the worker shortage couldn’t get any more vexing, be advised that we are running out of plumbers. According to the Copper Development Association (CDA), over one half of America’s trade professionals are near retirement age and only 3 percent of the surveyed 18 to 25 year olds would read more
By Linda Stewart From online reviews to satellite measurements, technology continues to disrupt the traditional way contractors do business. But many contractors remain in the dark about one of the biggest technology disruptions heading their way: drones. In fact, one in 10 companies with revenues of $50 million or more already use drones, according to read more
By Linda Stewart Brass is a popular material for household furniture and accessories. Over time, though, brass tarnishes and loses its warm gleam. You can make it shiny and bright again with our guide on how to clean brass. Before cleaning, check to see if your item is solid brass, or brass-plated. Do this by grabbing a refrigerator magnet and placing it on the piece. Magnets don’t stick to solid brass, so if the read more