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Sales of big ticket items like passenger cars, trucks and buses are dependent on a high level of consumer confidence and the strength of the country’s overall economy. On both measures, China data has turned positive, so it is not surprising that vehicle sales in China have been trending upwards in recent months. China’s stock read more
It took all of about four seconds from seeing the Jeep Gladiator for the first time to gazing off into the distance as we imagined the many ways we could put that special combination of off-road capability and pickup utility to use. Bike shuttle, backcountry ski lift, dog pack transporter, Outback tiny home on wheels read more
The National Hurricane Center on Wednesday had eyes on the Gulf of Mexico, where forecasters said a tropical or subtropical depression could form later this week. If it does form, the hurricane center thinks it could track northward — and toward the northern Gulf Coast. Forecasters said Wednesday morning that an Air Force Reserve reconnaissance read more
Will we one day be able to buy flying Porsches? Well, maybe. It has just been announced that the automaker has joined forces with Boeing, to explore the possibility of developing a premium urban air mobility vehicle. In a 2018 study conducted by Porsche Consulting, it was forecast that the urban air mobility market will read more
Formosa Plastics Corp. USA has agreed to pay $50 million to settle a Clean Water Act lawsuit over plastic pellet pollution from one of its Texas factories, reportedly the largest settlement brought by private citizens under that federal environmental statute. The groups that brought the lawsuit said in an Oct. 15 news release that Formosa read more
Perfecting that dream green kitchen is kind of like tweaking a favorite recipe until you’ve mastered it. Maybe you scaled back on your plastic straw usage, but your energy bill is still higher than you’d like. Here are four productive ways to make your kitchen (even more) eco-friendly: Nix the paper towels It’s estimated that read more

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