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Weekly “plastic bag protests” are popping up in front of Publix supermarkets all around the state. Ostensibly, they’re about banning plastic grocery bags; a deeper look reveals the latest chapter in the “Home Rule” battle. “I’m definitely pretty pissed off about it,” says Lisa Merritt, who participated in the kickoff protest on Jan. 11 at read more
In recent months, we’ve shone attention on companies racing to bring electric aviation to the skies in the coming decades. Now, it’s time to spotlight startups and automotive giants working to electrify dirty delivery and distribution trucks in the coming years. That’s right. We’re talking all-electric heavy-duty big rigs, semi-trucks, box trucks, delivery vans and read more
Dive Brief: Restaurants have increased pickup integration on mobile apps by 6% in the last year, according to a new report from Gartner emailed to Restaurant Dive. Sixty percent of pickup-enabled apps connect users to their favorite or nearest locations. Restaurants should focus on optimizing pickup functionality on apps, providing clear instructions and updates to read more
Coca Cola has announced a new $11 million initiative to clean up rivers around the world, but Greenpeace is calling bullshit. The program sees the huge corporation team up with the Benioff Ocean Initiative at the University of California Santa Barbara’s Marine Science Institute to co-fund nine river clean-up programs across Asia, Africa, North America, read more
The U.S. has urged Vietnam to crack down on marine waste, promising all assistance to resolve its marine debris problem. “Governments play a big role by ensuring sound waste management and recycling programs are available to all by enforcing strong environmental regulations and by providing incentives to citizens and businesses both to produce less trash read more
Automate all your money woes in 2020 Investing sounds creepy to me. Maybe because when I read or hear that word I think about how some banks invest in pipelines or crude oil or other things that are essentially destroying our planet. It also reminds me of The Wolf of Wall Street where bros drink, read more