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Dramatic shift from wet to dry climate could have caused crop failure in Neo-Assyrian empire The Neo-Assyrian empire was a mighty superpower that dominated the near east for 300 years before its dramatic collapse. Now researchers say they have a novel theory for what was behind its rise and fall: climate change. The empire emerged read more
Do Your Part Electronics have become a major part of our lives. Americans use electronics in their daily lives for school, work and at home. The explosive growth in technology has increased the number of electronics devices available. Electronics like Smartphones and TVs become outdated very quickly meaning new devices are being bought by consumers read more
Few environmental lessons have taken hold as strongly in the United States as the imperative to recycle. For some people, recycling serves as a proxy for sustainability; a full recycling bin excusing any number of wasteful practices. But recycling is not the be-all-end-all solution for our environmental woes. The American recycling system is facing some read more
According to a survey published by Dresner Advisory Services, over 50% of companies are using big-data analytics. A closer look reveals that the adoption rate varies significantly by industry, with financial services and telecommunications leading the way, followed by education and healthcare. But the top five includes no mention of logistics. When one thinks about read more
Midway Atoll, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands — Flying into the uninhabited Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, Midway Atoll appears out of the vast blue Pacific as a tiny oasis of coral-fringed land with pristine white sand beaches that are teeming with life. But on the ground, there’s a different scene: plastic, pollution and death. With virtually no predators, read more
Temperature, fuel load, dryness, wind speed and humidity all affect fire risk and are compounded by global heating The link between rising greenhouse gas emissions and increased bushfire risk is complex but, according to major science agencies, clear. Climate change does not create bushfires but it can and does make them worse. A number of read more