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Best pickup trucks

Top 3 Most Popular Pickup Trucks in the U.S.

Best pickup trucks in US

Choose from the Best Pickup Trucks in the United States of America!

Are you looking to purchase the right pickup truck for yourself? If yes, you have come to the right place. In the following article, we will discuss the top 3 pickup trucks in the U.S. So, please read below to learn about them and send their features.

1. 2021 Ram 1500

1. 2021 Ram 1500

The 2021 Ram 1500 is a medium-size truck built by Stellantis North America and promoted in 2010 under the banner of Ram Trucks. The latest version of this truck features a 5.7L HEMI® V8 engine with eTorque mild Hybrid Technology. It has a gas towing capacity of around 12,750 pounds, so you can tow whatever you need and wherever you need it.

There are a few other features such as:

  • Trailer Reverse Steering Control
  • Assistive Safety and Security Features
  • Ultimate Towing Visibility
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring
  • Trailer Light Black
  • Active Air Dam
  • Aerodynamics
  • Class-Exclusive Air Suspension System
The truck also comes with the below:
  • 5 Years of Diesel Powertrain Limited Warranty
  • Diesel Roadside Assistance
  • Rust-Through Limited Warranty
  • Gas Powertrain Limited Warranty
  • Gas Roadside Assistance

2. 2021 Ford F-150

2. 2021 Ford F-150

Ford F-150 is one of the best pickup trucks in the market. Hands down! Although the core size and shape remain the same, the entire sheet metal is brand new. Drivers will most likely observe the improved design on headlamps bisected by a horizontal line on the fascia. On the whole, you can definitely go for it – it’s almost the same except that it is a little more tidy and buttoned up compared to its previous version. And, Ford is claiming it to be the toughest and smartest.

F-150 ever. A few of its features are listed below:

  • Active Park Assist
  • Ford Co-Pilot 360™ Technology
  • New LED Projector with Dynamic Bending Headlamps
  • Tailgate Work Surface
  • Standard Sync® 4 Tech That Keeps Up
  • Class-Exclusive™ Full Hybrid
  • 10 Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Fully Boxed High-Strength Steel Frame
3. 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

The last pickup truck on the list is – Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2021 Edition. Claimed to be smarter, bigger, and lighter than the previous version, this truck far exceeds most of its contemporaries on the road today. Along with the above two trucks, this is among the best out there! The diesel engine allows it to achieve upto 33 MPG highway and is built to have the job done correctly. Key Elements of 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 are: 

  • Duramax 3.0L Turbo-Diesel Engine
  • 460 lb.-ft. Of torque
  • 10-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • 23 MPG City
  • Maximum Highway Range of up to 726 miles
  • Can tow up to 13,300 lbs
  • In-Vehicle Trailering System
If you are choosing to buy a pickup truck for yourself, choose one from the above. You will not regret it.



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