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Tropical Depression Twenty-Seven has formed in the Atlantic. The depression is forecast to become Hurricane Epsilon. Another area of disturbed weather in the western Caribbean is also being tracked. Tropical Depression Twenty-Seven has formed in the central Atlantic and is expected to intensify into Hurricane Epsilon before tracking close to Bermuda later this week. There’s read more
By David Harris Contaminants in recycling can hurt the process and can actually result in batches of recyclable material being diverted to landfills. Waste disposal is an issue that the islands of Hawaii are serious about. The following items are contaminants and should not be added to the blue bins designated for recyclable items. Thin plastic read more
There is no such thing as a category 6 hurricane or tropical storm – yet. But a combination of warmer oceans and more water in the atmosphere could make the devastation of 2017 pale in comparison Meteorologists and scientists never imagined that there would be a need for a category 6 storm, with winds that read more

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