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Uncontrolled solid waste burning is releasing a “hazardous cocktail” of emissions that threaten people, workers, and the environment in lower- and middle-income countries, says a report.env Worldwide, around one billion tonnes of municipal solid waste — half of what is generated every year — is not properly managed, estimates the Global Review on Safer End read more
Sending dozens of emails a day, making a quick call on WhatsApp, uploading some photos to the cloud, watching a short viral clip on YouTube: It’s all part of the digital daily life around the world. For the individual, it may be “just one photo” or “just a few minutes of video,” but, taken together, read more
As millennials we’ve grown uniquely accustomed to going about life with the dark, inescapable, undeniable knowledge of our own imminent deaths. Every year the scientists keep coming out with new estimates for how long climate change will afford humanity’s continued existence on planet Earth. And every time, these estimates give younger generations fewer and fewer read more
Despite the warnings of our sedentary lifestyles spent staring a screens, too many of us have lost our connection with the world just outside our windows. Here’s how we can reconnect. Today’s technological society keeps people indoors, slaves to their work desks and technology and disconnected with the world we share. However, humans are not read more
Mexico City is poised to usher sweeping changes in how the city uses plastic. The votes in favor of a plastics ban by the Mexico City Congress could have a global effect. The only group that is opposed to this ban is that of plastics’ manufacturer’s lobby. The ban is nothing short of war on read more
The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California claims to have discovered a material with properties that allow it to be recycled endlessly into shapes and colors of any type. America recycles around 10% of the plastic that it uses. One reason for this is that many types of plastics cannot be recycled effectively and hence read more

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