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Father’s Day is right around the corner. If it’s a day that you celebrate, you might feel like you need to spend a lot of money on the father-figure in your life. Of course, it goes without saying that a handmade card and a cuppa or two is plenty enough to show your thanks and read more
If you talk to truck drivers about the driver shortage, they’ll often contend that there is no shortage – only a shortage of enough pay to entice drivers into the industry. But if you spend a little more time talking to them, you’ll hear that basically there’s not enough pay to make up for the read more
Depths of lakes that hold about 90% of US’s freshwater spiking to record levels, from 14in to nearly 3ft above long-term averages   This summer, as rain relentlessly poured down on the Great Lakes region, Detroit declared a rare state of emergency. The swollen Detroit River had spilled into the low-lying Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood – read more
The UN set a global goal to cut food loss and waste in half by 2030. Alarming figures show just how big of a challenge remains.   Nearly a third of all food produced in the world goes uneaten each year — an amount that costs the global economy $940 billion and emits 8 percent read more
Plastic is kind of a wonder material. It’s cheap, light and durable. But the reason it’s so great is also why it can be the worst. It’s so cheap that it’s discarded with nary a thought. It’s so durable that it can persist for centuries, filling landfills and spilling into the oceans, where it is read more
Happy Labor Day! We hope everyone enjoys the final weekend of summer. If you’re sticking around town, here’s some information from the city on what’s open, what’s closed, and other useful items. If you plan to attend J’Ouvert and the West Indian Day Parade on Monday, be sure to check out Bklyner’s post about the parade routes, street closures, read more

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