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Uncontrolled solid waste burning is releasing a “hazardous cocktail” of emissions that threaten people, workers, and the environment in lower- and middle-income countries, says a report.env Worldwide, around one billion tonnes of municipal solid waste — half of what is generated every year — is not properly managed, estimates the Global Review on Safer End read more
Although many smokers apparently don’t realize it (or just don’t care), cigarette butts are very much a form of litter – in fact, they’re the world’s most common type of litter. And they’re not just an eyesore, as new research now indicates that they also dramatically reduce plant growth. In a study led by researchers read more
HAVE YOU EVER stood in front of a supermarket shelf and wondered if you should buy that product made from bioplastics rather than the conventional kind? Many people assume all bioplastics are made from plants and can break down completely in the environment. But that’s not the case. The term “bioplastics” is actually used for read more
CLIMATE CHANGE HAS thrown our beautifully balanced planet into chaos. As oceans and forests transform and ecosystems go into shock, perhaps a million species teeter on the edge of extinction. But there may still be hope for these organisms. Some will change their behaviors in response to soaring global temperatures; they might, say, reproduce earlier read more
Back in 2015, a pack of meddling kids sued the United States to try to force government action on climate change. Four years later, that case — Juliana v. United States, or, affectionately, Youth v. Gov — is still tangled up in the courts. And the kids are losing their patience. In a speech to read more
We are experiencing the effects of climate change, and the pressure is building for us to do whatever we can in our daily lives to help the environment recover—or, at least, harm it less. So when you’ve forgotten your solar-powered water bottle and are trying to decide between buying a beverage bottled or canned, which read more

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