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Father’s Day is right around the corner. If it’s a day that you celebrate, you might feel like you need to spend a lot of money on the father-figure in your life. Of course, it goes without saying that a handmade card and a cuppa or two is plenty enough to show your thanks and read more
By Linda Stewart Meet Oscar, the trash can that can sort out your rubbish without you lifting a finger. Say goodbye to sorting through refuse forever. We’ve seen some amazing contraptions that can clean the oceans after we’ve thrown our rubbish away, but what if there was a way to make recycling easier, preventing plastics and other read more
By Linda Stewart We all love little projects that don’t take much time and take even less money to complete! Check out these 5 ideas to get you started on DIYing your home today! 1. There’s No Place Like Home Art Reward a great quote (we cribbed from The Wizard of Oz) with the gallery treatment, read more
By Alex Mardikian Wouldn’t it be great if Hawaii could resolve its waste disposal issues by simply dumping the trash in volcanoes? Kilauea and Mauna Loa would incinerate anything that we’d toss into them. Or, would they? What tells us that dumping trash into volcanoes is not such a great idea? We do burn trash read more
If you want to make sure the paper products that you place at the front curb have a better chance of becoming new products, don’t even think about tossing plastic grocery bags or greasy pizza boxes in to your recycling bins. Chicago area recycling companies are urging residents and business to be mindful of what read more
Depending on your local recycling center, you can’t toss your toothbrush into the recycling bin. Well you can, but you’ll just be adding trash for the workers to pick out. And you shouldn’t throw your toothpaste tube in the bin either. But you can mail them to a specialized recycling center for free, with a program from read more

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