orgill fall show, august 27-29, sands expo convention center, las vegas, nv

do it best fall show, september 11-14, indiana convention center, indianapolis, in

ace fall show, october 20-22, orange county convention center, orlando, fl

A worm that can consume and break down polystyrene plastic is being examined by scientists as a possible aid in reducing landfill waste. Resembling giant mealworms, superworms are beetle larvae that are often sold in pet stores as feed for reptiles, fish and birds. South Korean researchers Jiaojie Li and Dae-Hwan Kim have now linked read more
NEW YORK — The NFL has clarified the rules proposal for an alternative to an onside kick. The Philadelphia Eagles have proposed allowing one fourth-and-15 scrimmage play from the 25-yard line of the team kicking off. It can only be done in regulation time, and be used twice in a game. Should the team attempting read more
We’re in for a wild ride this summer if the early indications are to be believed. The COVID-19 pandemic is not showing any signs of waning, irrespective of how tired people are getting to shelter in space and despite wishful thinking by politicians. Unlike in Asia and Europe where the numbers of infections are actually read more
Modeling study shows battery reuse systems could be profitable for both electric vehicle companies and grid-scale solar operations. As electric vehicles rapidly grow in popularity worldwide, there will soon be a wave of used batteries whose performance is no longer sufficient for vehicles that need reliable acceleration and range. But a new study shows that read more
According to the UN Environment Programme, we’ve produced more than eight billion metric tonnes of plastic since the early 1950s, with around 60 percent of that not recycled. It is very difficult for researchers to track the path of this waste when not it is improperly disposed of, but their efforts continue to turn up read more
As global crisis threatens our Food Supply, we can turn to self-reliance in food systems. COVID, and the extreme weather challenges posed by climate change, pose threats to our abundant lifestyles and biodiverse food habits. Will we be able to adapt by decentralization? There are limits to what a localized garden can bring us, but read more

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