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Cheesy pizza boxes, plastic grocery bags and grass clippings are a big reason more cities in Arizona are cutting back or even eliminating long standing recycling programs. But contamination isn’t the only factor at play. China, which for decades has bought the bulk of U.S. recycling, including most plastics and paper products, threw the industry read more
Whale sharks could be swallowing hundreds of pieces of plastic an hour because of pollution. A study in Indonesia found the surface waters where they feed are so contaminated, the big fish end up eating lots of plastic. The waters there are rich with plankton and provide a lot of feeding opportunities for mantas and read more
A high school sophomore living in Hawaii created an app that makes setting up beach cleanups easy. Arjun Sharma has already traveled the world several times. And he was shocked to witness the large amounts of trash and plastic produced by our civilization every day around the planet. “I have built the CleanMyBeach app to read more
As artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and machine learning continue to evolve, autonomous vehicles are becoming increasingly likely. Automobile manufacturers aren’t just designing autonomous vehicles to help people reduce the stress they face on the road. The right automated vehicles have the potential to reduce accidents by improving driver safety and reaction times too. read more
As climate change looms over our future, many industries are turning to biology for solutions to make all aspects of our lives more sustainable for the environment. Biotech companies are rising to the challenge. When developing more sustainable materials and processes, biotechnology draws from millions of years of evolution in which living beings have specialized read more
Karma Automotive took the wraps off Tuesday of a new electric concept car called the SC2 that produces a heart-thumping 1,100 horsepower and can travel from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 1.9 seconds. The concept is a showpiece and an integral part of the Chinese-backed California-based startup’s new strategy to become a technology read more