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Uncontrolled solid waste burning is releasing a “hazardous cocktail” of emissions that threaten people, workers, and the environment in lower- and middle-income countries, says a report.env Worldwide, around one billion tonnes of municipal solid waste — half of what is generated every year — is not properly managed, estimates the Global Review on Safer End read more
So, you want to get started in drop shipping. You’ve heard it’s a great way to make extra money and are interested in trying your hand at it. Although drop shipping has become all the rage in the ecommerce world over the past few years, there’s certainly a right way and a wrong way to read more
Paying off debt is one of the most worthwhile financial goals you can set for yourself. If you free yourself of obligations to your creditors, it comes with a whole host of benefits. You may be able to raise your credit score, you’ll no longer waste money on interest, and you’ll free up the cash read more
Saving water is important for most parts of the world, as climates become drier and water scarce. But even if you live in an area that has rainfall, it is a good habit to save water as it will reduce your water and sewer bills. Here are a few tips on how to save water read more
In August, a massive wildfire tore through the San Lorenzo Valley north of Santa Cruz, Calif., destroying almost 1,500 structures and exposing many others to extreme heat. Before the fire was even out, lab tests revealed benzene levels as high as 9.1 parts per billion in residential water samples — nine times higher than the read more
Many people are under the impression that all moves are the same regardless of where you move to. Long distance moves are quite different than short distance moves. Educating yourself about the long distance moving process is critical if you want your move to be a success. The following will help you understand the process read more

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