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Every year, our planet encounters dust from comets and asteroids. These interplanetary dust particles pass through our atmosphere and give rise to shooting stars. Some of them reach the ground in the form of micrometeorites. An international program conducted for nearly 20 years by scientists from the CNRS, the Université Paris-Saclay and the National museum read more
You may never have seen them, but vast open-air pools of toxic water, from hazardous mining byproducts to diluted pig waste, are a common feature at thousands of industrial and agricultural sites across the country. One of them, a giant wastewater pond at a former phosphate mining site south of Tampa, Fla., teetered on the read more
Fertility issues are on the rise, and new literature points to ways that your environment may be part of the problem. We’ve rounded up some changes you can make in your life to promote a healthy reproductive system. Infertility and environmental health: the facts Sperm count is declining steeply, significantly, and continuously in Western countries, read more
How’s it going in that boiling lobster pot of stress? The last year of living in a pandemic has stretched human coping skills so thin that experts fear many of us may soon snap, leaving people around the world coping with a mental health crisis of catastrophic proportions. In the United States alone, a recent read more
LG is getting out of the “incredibly competitive” business of making smartphones. On Monday, the South Korean tech giant announced that it would close down its mobile phone unit after years of losses, marking the end of an era for a trailblazer in the Android world. The division is expected to be wound down by read more
Manatee County, Florida, is in a state of emergency and residents are being evacuated as a toxic wastewater reservoir is on the brink of collapse, and Gov. Ron DeSantis said crews are working to prevent “a real catastrophic flood situation.” Families in at least 316 homes were ordered to evacuate Saturday after officials warned that read more

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